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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Smokey the Bear says, "Never Play with Fire"

Here are a few pictures of our house as it is being completely gutted and rebuilt. Although in these pictures the insulation hasn't been removed yet, so it got worse before it got better. It's funny, we just moved into this house 5 years ago after spending 1 year building it ourselves. Now, here we are, picking out light fixtures, ceiling fans, new paint colors, carpet, kitchen cupboards, and boy, are we having a huge case of deja vu!

On the bright side, why not change a few things that you wish you would have done differently five years ago? A new light here, a phone jack there and some new carpet in the kids' room (who in their right mind puts off-white carpet in a kids room?)

At first blush, this seems like it might be fun to change things up a bit, unless you are me. Anyone that knows me, knows that shopping is my least favorite thing to do and making decisions about design, color and style is my second least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love design, color and style, but I'm one of those people that likes to 'chew' on things for awhile, someone who needs to 'live' in a space for awhile before I can decide if I like the room arrangement. So, when you have a contractor who tells you that you have exactly 2 days to make 3 major decisions, that's not fun for me, that is stressful and pisses me off.

But in the spirit of being a team player, I hauled my ass to the lighting store, the tile shop and IKEA all in one day and made all 3 of those damn decisions - so there!

Come to think of it, this is kind of fun:)


Denise said...

keep us posted on the updates! soon it will be done! good luck on all the decision making.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to go! one nice thing about the do-over is correcting those mistakes like phone jacks and light switches and where windows should go. Thanks for the update.

*~*Cece*~* said...

When you're finished will you come redecorate mine next?

Erikka said...

learn something new about yourself every day! maybe a new start is just what you and your family needs.

Mrs. G. said...

Good work, woman!

Madeline said...

I so relate to that being stressful! I'm a chewer too. Just picking out the colors for my art room, with not much time, totally stressed me out. I'm glad that you're seeing the good in it.

Cherry said...

Ok I will tell you this because I trust you to not judge me.
I have paint samples in my night stand to choose the colors to paint our whole interior. I got these paint samples 5 years ago when I bought the place and knew going in I hated the colors on the walls. I have painted exactly 3 rooms and one of them is white, and one I never finished because there is a ceiling issue so why cut in perfectly if you'll have to redo it.
I pull these paint samples out on occasion and "chew" on them. I used to do this almost every night. Lay them out on the bed in front of me, walk around seeing what they look like on different walls with different light.
Maybe someday the paint will actually be applied to the walls.

I'm totally jealous about the getting to move around and add outlets and such. Not jealous about the stress and the fire in general. That sucks, but yay for getting a bit of a do-over.

prashant said...

Thanks for the update.

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