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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day Two.

Lucky for us, we really enjoyed the sunny weather yesterday. Today we were met with typical April weather in Northern Minnesota - cold, windy and wet. Not that we are complaining! We are still loving it!

We are starting to get to know the people in our group and everyone is truly great. It's not often you get a group of 13 strangers together and have everyone be able to get along, especially under stressful conditions. We all process the information we are learning differently. Some of us take detailed notes, some of us (me) videotape certain aspects and others need to just 'do it' and can't visualize without actually doing it hands-on, but everyone is respectful of each other's ways.

I won't post a 'how-to' video today only because they are VERY lengthy. If any of you are interested, I would be happy to email it to you.

We learned about the rafters today - very complex for my pea brain to absorb. Thank God for the video camera.

Tomorrow we finish the rafters and start the sheeting. Whew. Let's hope for a short break in the rain.

The local high school is putting on Hamlet - so we are off to go see the local talented teens. Here's a short video of me (beautiful again, dripping wet) telling you basically everything I just told you! How repetitive.

Untitled from Angie Sullivan on Vimeo.


Mrs. G. said...

Your videos are great. The Walden Pond version of the Bossy road trip.

Minnesota Matron said...

I am following your great big Minnesota adventure, neighbor.

Madeline said...

Keep em coming!

Erikka said...

i would like a neatly typed document to come with the video installments. please send to smadaakkire at gmail dot com.

just kidding about the report part...though that would be nice.

I'm glad you are not letting the rain stop you! OR get you down.

Cherry said...

Months ago when you wrote about going to this class it sounded overwhelming but so cool. I'm so glad you are sharing your experience with us.

You should be home by now, and I'm sure you are busy with the hugs and kisses.
Hope you share some pictures of the finished project.