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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Something sneaky is going on around here.

As some of you know, there will be a 40th birthday in our house next week and it's not my kids or my husband, so you can figure it out.

Suprises are not my thing. Someone who is a control freak and likes to have all her 'ducks in a row' so to speak, doesn't enjoy suprises.

For the past two days, some strange man has been calling our house and asking for my husband. When my husband answers the phone, he goes into the office or upstairs or downstairs and closes the door to whatever room he is in. hmmm.

So yesterday, I say to him. "What the hell is going on? You know I hate suprises." He replies with, "I know."

"So tell me what's going on" I say. "No". He says.

So this morning, when the phone rings at 8:30 (on a Saturday morning!) and it is the same strange dude, and again my husband goes into the office and closes the door, I corner my youngest daughter. "What is dad up to and does it have anything to do with my birthday?" A large grin comes across her face and says, "I have no idea what you are talking about." Shit-head.

Then I go to the big mouth of the family, the oldest daughter who also hates
suprises so therefore will sympathize with me. After she chews my ass for waking her up at 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday, I explain the issue and she says, "What a psycho -I have no idea what he's doing - I'll try to find out." Good girl.

Turns out the middle daughter has no clue either. He's smart, he is, don't tell the two blabber-mouths, only tell the youngest who has a mouth like a steel trap! She loves being part of a secret.

Two reasons I hate suprises. One - what if he goes to all this trouble and I don't like whatever the hell it is he is getting? Then I get to feel bad on my birthday - no thank you. Two - I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!! Control is a serious issue with me, can you tell?

My options? Bribe the youngest child. She loves candy and her mean mother doesn't allow it very often.......there's an idea. Put gas in Alyson's car - a teenager will find out anything in exchange for a full gas tank. Get Maddie a cell phone, she would sell ME to the highest bidder for one of those.

I'm desperate and a child, I know.

How do you ladies feel about suprises? Love them? Hate them? What was your best/worst suprise?


Cherry said...

I HATE surprises! I can't keep them from Eric, and I can't stand them being kept from me. Which is why he always knows any gift he's getting the day I even think of it.

I completely agree with you that it's a control thing, and that whole part of 'what if I don't like it?' But I have to give Eric props, he's pretty good at knowing what I like.

Elle said...

You are so my husband! He's the same way - and it drives me nuts. I get all excited to do something fun for him and he gets all worked up about it - a total killjoy. I happen to LOVE surprises, myself. But to each their own, eh?

Madeline said...

I love them and look for them and used to like giving them - but for my husband, who is like you (though he liked a recent award he got, very much). How exciting that you are turning 40! Life will get much better. And you're already (at least it seems)all balls to the walls spunky and honest and do what you like, so imagine your possibilities.

m~ said...

My parents suprised me on my 16th bithday. By the time of the actual party I was pissed!
I'm a total control freak! He'd better not ever surprise me! Let us know what happens.

Kat said...

I'm with you - not that I wouldn't LOVE a great surprise, but I've NEVER had one work out - like for my 21st bday when my mom "surprised" me with dinner at her favorite restaurant and tickets to Beauty & the Beast, the Broadway show. That was so NOT my idea for a fun evening. I wanted high quality rollerblades.

And -- ooh, there was the year I was told I was getting a car for my birthday, and I got a bottle of Chanel perfume instead - and I've never worn perfume.

My husband - always gets it just a little bit wrong. I ALWAYS end up returning what he gets me and getting what I really wanted, or the color I really wanted, or... He tries. But would I want him to plan a big surprise for me, and then feel disappointed on my bday? No way.

I say, bribe the little girl! With everything you got!

Minnesota Matron said...

HATE surprises. But isn't that what life is? We all need to be much much more zen. It looks like you're already on the slide so relax and just go down, my dear. Forty is a big one and deserves a spin out of the comfort zone. I turned forty while 8 months pregnant!

Erikka said...

I like surprises and love to try to surprise others. But if and when I sense my "victim" may not be such a surprise lover, I tend to retract and compromise instead of enforcing a surprise.

Very interesting you bring this up as I am right now planning a surprise party for my beau's 30th birthday. He said at one point he'd like to just get drunk and bowl...but he can do that with his closest friends and family too right? As the day draws nigh (the 29th) I feel more and more like I should tell him. He had a surprise party last year too, and he was fine with it, but...since it is 3-0, I'm scared he'll react differently.

hm..maybe I should have blogged about this myself :)