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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

*grumble, grumble*

Warning - complaints and grumbles.

I've spent the last 48 hours on the couch laying on a heating pad. Sunday night, around 2 a.m., as I tried to roll over and punch my husband for snoring so loudly, I suddenly could not move. Not a muscle. Hmmmm, I thought I recognized that feeling in my neck yesterday. My back and neck were out. I'm not usually someone with back problems, but when my neck/back decide to go? They go. Of course, the first thought should be Chiropractor! But for some insane reason, I had it in my head that she was closed on Monday. Today, I call to get an appointment and her recording informs me that she is closed on Tuesday, not Monday. Back to the heating pad until tomorrow. It's times like these that I realize the things I take for granted, like being able to move.

On another grumbly note, the 40th birthday thing is starting to become.....well, a thing. Exactly what I didn't want it to do. Originally, we were going out to a concert and dinner with friends, my friend that I share this birthday with, however the concert is sold out and yahda, yahda. So, the friends have come up with other plans that I necessarily don't want to do, so now what? God, I sound like a whiney baby, don't I? Indulge me, friends. Truly, I just want to go out to eat with a bunch of friends, have a few drinks, hang, talk.....nothing special....but feel badly that we wouldn't be spending it with my friend. Selfish? Who knows. In the end it might be a milestone reached on the couch with some movies and Chinese take-out which is sounding better and better all the time. We'll see.

The 40 thing isn't bothering me too much - haven't really channeled that yet. Maybe avoidance? The dear, Madeline, from Barn-Raising left me such a wonderful comment on my last post (I think), it really made me feel happy and in a good place about it. Thanks, Madeline - you are a sweetheart! On my list for things I want to do when I turn 40? Learn how to properly 'link' to people on my blog. Cece told me how to do it, but I've been too lazy to dig through the archives and find it. Pathetic.

The only other grumble I'll leave you with is about what else? The weather. Spring has to rear it's ugly head - either lion or lamb, I don't give a shit at this point -soon or I might hurt someone. We are back into cold temps and wind and crap and I'm at the end, folks. The greenhouse is firing up tomorrow and I just might move a cot in there and stay until things shape up on the outside.

Okay, enough with the pissing and moaning. I'm downing two more Advil, turning up the heating pad, picking up my book and working on my attitude! Happier subjects are around the corner, please return.

Oh, wait - I forgot one more! The biggest grumble of all - my digital camera is dead. Well, not totally dead, but seriously messed up. Some shutter thing.....ugh. The bright side? I do have the extended warranty that covers everything - but the time to fix it is 6-8 weeks. I didn't think anything in this world took that long to fix anymore - isn't there a way to fix it remotely online? Surely someone is working on this. Either way, looks like I'll be back to the old film camera in the meantime. So, if I recycle pictures for awhile - no grumbling - that's my department.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Here's a little 40th birthday gift for linking to someone's blog:

In Blogger, if you're in 'compose' mode, you just highlight the words that you want to link, then click the little icon at the top of the box that looks like a chain link. A box will pop up that says to enter the URL. So if you want to link to my blog, you would enter: http://www.jellyjules.com, and then click OK. That's it.

If you're in 'edit html' mode, you have to use code. It's not hard once you figure it out. If you wanted to link to my blog again, using the word 'here' as your highlighted word, you would enter the code as here. Of course, that will probably come out of the comment as an actual link rather than code, huh? OK, follow the directions here. If you don't like using code, the composing way is easier.

And I agree that life after 40 is better. Sure, there are a few more aches and pains, and you look in the mirror and realize you're not 20 anymore, but when I honestly think about my life at 20, I'm kinda glad. :)

Mrs. G. said...

I'm here to tell you 40 is good, but I get the party thing. I just wanted to hang out with my husband and kids. But I did get a laptop which is a big deal at my house.

Whatever your family does, I hope it's wonderful.

Angie said...

You guys are the best! J, I can't thank you enough - and boy, do I feel stupid - that is really easy. Thank you!

Mrs. G - if I get a laptop, I'll be over the moon.....wait a minute, maybe that's what my husband is up to! Thank you for your kind words.

40 is going to be fabulous, I can feel it and I'm not talking about my sore back.

Cherry said...

oh good, I'm glad J wrote that down.
Now go do it in your next post and you'll have it down ;-)

I'm having an Advil day too, in fact I went to the Chiro today too. First time in 4 years and boy was there a lot of back crackin' going on. I hope you get an appointment and feel better soon!

Madeline said...

Back stuff happens for me at pivotal decade landmarks too. On my 30th I went to dinner with my then new boyfriend (now husband) and had my legs spread out on two different chairs to survive sitting up! Really cool. I did do the movie thing on my 40th as I had the flue and Nicolas hadn't made any plans, thank God. Whatever you do, just enjoy. I love the new music!

Erikka said...

I agree with Madeline. Whenever big life markers approach, the stress from thinking of how to commemorate it sometimes ruins the whole deal. i'm not sure you'll be able to since you are a self professed control freak, but if you can let the special day just unravel as it will...whatever happens will be that much more easy to accept.

But either way, you should celebrate you! With grumbling aside, you sound (through your writing) like a wonderful woman who has accomplished so much. If nothing else, stop and smile on your bday to remember that...

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Ugh! I've had similar back/neck problems in the past, and I am so sorry! That is the worst.

And, I think I would cry, shake uncontrollably, or just sit in the corner rocking and mumbling if my camera was broken.

Probably all 3.

Feel better soon, babe!

(PS: Hearing Loser by Beck just really helped my mood. Thanks!)

m~ said...

I'm so sorry about all the crap going on. If it makes you feel any better I'm about to be 42, I'm sick and my camera died too! Take something stronger than advil and maybe you'll sleep through your birthday.

Angie said...

"I LOVE YOU GUYS", said in my best drunk voice......as usual, great, sweet, smart advice.

Thank you to all.

Don't you love the music? I stole the idea from Madeline - thanks!!