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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggers

The daughters all received their customary boxes of chocolate and cards from my husband. Since their mother is a control freak about healthy food, they look forward to this day all year. I think they all had 4 pieces before 8:30 this morning. Nice.

Me? There's one thing about me, I'm not a romantic. I certainly don't want a box of chocolate for the sole reason that I will eat the entire thing. Today. Obviously I love flowers, it's a large part of our farm, but a bouquet of the typical roses seems like a waste of $$ to me. Yes, this makes my husband's job so easy. What the hell does he get me? Well, I get the same thing every year and I love it. Actually, it's the same thing I get for my birthday and Mother's Day. They get me a gift certificate to a local greenhouse and nursery. This is not your typical greenhouse, they only sell uncommon and completely gorgeous perennials. I love this place. The trick is, patience. Since my world is insane from May-September, I wait until the first week of October when the greenhouse has 2 days where they have their plants 75% off. I gather up my 3 gift certificates and spend an entire morning/afternoon picking out perennials for my garden. It's the best gift they could give a flower farmer. I didn't have to seed it, grow it, water it, transplant it or worry about it. I just get to go pick them out. Wonderful.

Unfortunately for Alyson, she is having 'boy trouble' on this Valentine's Day, but will be heading to the Snowball Winter Formal with her best friend, Tommy this weekend. She'll have much more fun with him than with a pain-in-the-ass boyfriend.

Maddie has a crush on a boy in her grade and was happy to hear, through the grapevine (the only means of hearing when you are a homeschooler!), that he is giving her chocolates when they all go skiing tomorrow night. Sweet.

Brenna is only 11, but she also has a best friend named Tommy and he was sweet and made her a card while he was making Valentines for his class. Also sweet.

Now, for a woman that hates 'sappiness', let's move on, can we?

Just on a side note, we received more lovely winter last night in the form of about 4inches more of snow. Just what we needed. And it looks like we are heading back into the deep freeze this weekend with the high being about 3 degrees. Is Spring anywhere on the horizon? It looks doubtful.

What did you lovely, deserving ladies get for this sappy holiday and are you a romantic? Do you LOVE this holiday or could it just pass you by?


jenny cook said...

valentine's day - i like doing special things for other people on this day (hubby/child/nanny) but i could care less about myself. i love chocolate and will eat too many today i'm sure. that is cute that your hubby gives the girls chocolates every year!

i am like you though - and would LOVE a gift certificate to my favorite nursery. that's what i request for my birthday and mother's day as well! i love my yard and my gardens and this gives me the extra money i need to get fun stuff to plant! :)

oh - and we got more of the white crap last night too. tick me off.

Amy said...

You and I are kindred spirits with the disdain for roses and the nursery gift certificates. You'll have to share the name of your nursery with the locals.

Angie said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. Amy - the name of the nursery is Kent's Perennials and it is on Highway 8 in St. Croix Falls.

LOVE his stuff.

Have a great V-Day!

*~*Cece*~* said...

I woke up to a surprise of 3 heart shaped boxes of candy & 3 cards on them from Mister. One for me & each of our girls. TOTAL SURPRISE b/c we don't do Vday. I felt bad for not getting him anything so I went out at lunch & bought a bottle of wine to share while I share my chocolate with him *so I won't eat it ALL* and make him watch a chick flick wiht me! lol

m~ said...

I am so not the romantic. I can't stand the mushy gushy crap, however, I do love to hug on my kids and favorite husband and tell them that I love them. The problem arises when my favorite husband starts telling me why he loves me. I don't need to know what my eyes look like or any of that other crap. I do get flowers, but no candy. I made Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti and bought a cheese cake. My favorite husband, being a restaurant manager, doesn't usually get home until late on days like today, but he came home early tonight and we all got to eat together which was the best gift of all.

Kat said...

I always get roses - sort of traditional - hubby arrived with his Uhaul when we moved in together, on Valentines day, with roses... I had a nice date planned, but with a sick kid at home, we rushed out, saw the play we had tickets for and rushed home. My favorite thing is creating valentines for other people. This year instead of cards, I made cd's of cool/funny "love" songs - none of them mushy. Everyone who got one loved it.

Cherry said...

Hi Angie!
Sorry I've been so silent lately.. very busy with work and not blogging much at all.

I too am not a Valentinesy kind of gal, however my husband is. I came home with burgers in hand just thinking it was an easy way to get us fed without cleaning the kitchen, and there waiting for me was a lovely box full of all sorts of guilty tasty pleasures. Not that I really need chocolates and my favorite kind of chips, but it sure tasted good! I was quite surprised considering I kept telling my co-workers that we don't do Valentines Day.

I hope the weather is starting to warm up for you guys, and your basement has gotten put back together... oh and those little lambs? Adorable!
I've been lulling myself to sleep at night with a pile of seed catalogs myself, but alas... we still haven't moved so no dirt for me to grow still.

Erikka said...

this valentine's day was a complete surprise for me. my beau and I had discussed going on a mock "first date" and planned it for the friday before vday. we eached played our parts well, even to the point of being awkward and weird in setting the date up via a phone call. My beau even left the apartment so he would really be coming to get me.

When he did arrive, he had a DOZEN red roses. I was SHOCKED! The night only got better from there. He'd planned everything to a T. Before he'd left, he cooled a bottle of Saki and the cups for us and brought back with him my favorite sushi as an appetizer before dinner. How sweet and thoughtful! He was all dressed up too with a blazer and tie...aww, the guy put some effort into this whole night which was really the most important and touching part. Forget the roses and the restaurant!

I was also dolled up, so did not look forward to the walk to where ever we were going. As we stepped, he led me by the arm to a ZipCar he had for the occasion, to save me from the cold. We went to a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant we'd wanted to try. Coming back, he planned on making chocolate fondue with a variety of yummies to dip, but let's just say we got preoccupied and didn't make it to dessert until the next evening...

I'm sort of a sappy, romantic, but Jason eschews any traditional, standard approaches to sharing feelings. He dislikes having to do something or say something on given days. He likes feelings and events to happen naturally, that means more to him. Knowing this, but seeing all the effort he put in made the whole night very meaningful to me.

I'm totally so in love with Jason...