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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello? Is anyone still out there?

Whew. Just back from a grueling weekend. The conference was a success - we sold record numbers of books and now we just want some sleep.

There will be a short memorial service for my feed reader - wow you guys post a lot -it has officially been crushed with the weight of the numbers that have tallied over the last week.

Regular posting will resume after a brief nap. Thank you.


Sadie said...
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Sadie said...

Ugh...my last comment went wacky.

Anyway...it's great to see you back!! I missed you in your absence!!! Good to see you up and kicking!

Enjoy your nap, but come back soon :D

Cherry said...

Do you do the book sales every year? That must be so overwhelming. What do you do with the books you weren't able to sell? Just curious!

Glad you had successful venture out!

Erikka said...

I went to a non-organic related Art conference this past week-end so I hear ya on needing a nap and feeling discumbobulated....