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Monday, January 21, 2008


Anyone remember that game they played on Sesame Street? Which one of these objects doesn't belong?
Some poor hen in my flock actually passed this sucker. This morning, while out doing chores and collecting eggs, I came across this in the nest. Immediately, I crossed my legs and started looking for a dead chicken.

It looks funky b/c when you lay an egg and it is -35 wind chill? They freeze quickly. We lose about 6 eggs a day to freezing and cracking.
I wonder what the guiness record is for the size of a chicken egg - we might have a winner!


Miss Eliza said...

oh my word... poor chicken!!

Kat said...

Look for the chicken sitting on an ice pack... or maybe a frozen egg?

Sadie said...

Oh.my....OW. That looks like it was very painful...yikes!!

According to what I found:
The largest single chicken egg ever laid weighed a pound with a double yolk and double shell

But still...yours is...ow. That's all I can say.

jenny cook said...

holy frick a moly! poor chicken.

Mrs. G. said...

Yowza! That had to hurt.

Linda said...

Is it frozen or is it good? It would be interesting to see if it hatched into a Super Chicken, or a dinosaur, or something like that!

Erikka said...

wait, are you saying if that was not frozen it would be a perfectly edible egg...? How scared would I be to open my dozen egg container to find a behemoth like that in there? Or 12 of them?!?!

*~*Cece*~* said...

That poor chicken.