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Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm definitely taking this more serious than Gracie....

Some of you might know, I am a Doula. If you don't know what that is, it is a woman who assists other women during their birth experience. We kind of take the pressure off the dad and let him just be 'dad' without having to worry about what to do when your wife is yelling at you to "give her a backrub" to help relieve her pain and you run your hand over it a few times and call it good.

We also provide support just by being a woman, who has been down this road a time or two and understands exactly what you are feeling - something a dad has trouble with, as you can imagine.

Currently, I'm only doing about 2-3 births a year, only because my life is incredibly crazy and there is just no time for any more than that. However, when my life slows down someday, I can't imagine a better way to spend your time.

Anyway, I'm off track......I feel like an expectant father with this damn sheep of ours. I'm neurotically checking on her and babying her and making sure she is warm and comfortable. Like this ole girl doesn't know what she is doing, right?

Our weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse, as we knew it would, and we are looking at -35 with windchills this weekend. Of course, bringing Gracie into the house seems reasonable to me in that kind of weather, but John frowns on that idea.

(**side note: Minnesota Matron - we are in each other's backyard! Either I read my thermometer wrong (-7) or it was a hell of a lot colder 40 miles NE of you!! Do you have your longjohns out for this weekend? We should have coffee!)

Back to regular programming, sorry about that. So. I'm obsessed with this animal having her babies in this weather - so the watch goes on. I'm taking my Doula role very seriously, aren't I?

On to other things. We are heading into Minneapolis today to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker Art Center. We have been studying Frida and all her eccentricities for a while now and are excited to see the exhibit. I'm even going so far as to lie to the high school so Alyson can go with us. Terrible when the school forces you to lie to take your kids to an educational experience. Actually, I said she had an appointment in Minneapolis - which is true, technically.

Tomorrow brings more all-day basketball for Brenna and the big news of the week? Maddie got one of the roles in Charlotte's Web that will be playing at our local Theater. She wanted the role of Fern so badly, but guess what she got instead? Templeton. Do you remember who Templeton is? The rat. She was not pleased. We had to put it in perspective for her. Actually, Templeton is the hero of the story and saves the day! Also, over 100 kids tried out for about 20 spots and she got one, so being appreciative of that was necessary.

We leave for South Caroline on Wednesday of next week and of course, they are getting snow! That's the Sullivan luck for you. Not that we ever get to see the light of day on these trips - 12+ hours a day of watching clogging. Hmmm. Thank God for wireless internet.

That's our week in a nutshell - how about in your neck of the woods??


Mrs. G. said...

This weekend is about housecleaning and going to the movies for me.

Tell your daughter that Fern is sweet and all, but Templeton steals the show!

Have wonderful weekend. How cool to be a sheep doula.

Gruppie Girl said...

What a great job. We need more doulas in the world!

*~*Cece*~* said...

You're such a good farmy mom! {{hugs}}

Linda said...

Hey have fun in South Carolina - my older sister lives in Columbia - yell "Howdy Bobbie" if you're anywhere near! We also live in your back yard... We were at -11 tonight driving home from the neighbors a block away... Crazy cold. Good luck with your sheep rearing... I for one, see no problem in having a sheep in the house.

Minnesota Matron said...

Well, well. Our fence posts are indeed bumping up against one another, I see. But it CAN be so much warmer here because I'm an urban matron. Right here in the heart of the metro you can bump up several degrees. . . and I always refer to the cracking outdoor thermometer which could very well be wrong. Right now, it's zero and diving.

I hope this mama has her baby before your trip so you can enjoy without the absent daddy worry.

As for your daughter the rat: my nine year old has been in four shows (SteppingStone Theater and The Guthrie) and she is always cast as lower class, white trash, the wrong side of the track.

Madeline said...

We are leaving Australia in a few days so my life will soon be about reacclimating to winter and our regular routine. But I won't complain. -35 with windchill?! Argh.

Templeton is the best role, absolutely. Character roles take much more talent than ingenue ones.

Kat said...

Hooray for Maddie! What fun...hope she decides to enjoy it anyway!
That is so cool that you are a doula, I didn't know! I'm a natural birth mama. My doula didn't make it to my son's birth, but my midwives and hubby were great.
My weekend... we went to the LA Zoo, and to Venice Beach. No snow for us.