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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008 Bloggers!

Whew. 2008, who'da thought we'd make it this far?

We rang in the new year by taking off to Hayward to cross-country ski. It's really my first time, with the exception of once with Brenna in Girl Scouts, but that doesn't count, I spent most of the time with my skis off helping the girls. We rented skis from a local shop up in Hayward and they have so many public trails, it was awesome! I kept telling John I wasn't sure if I knew how to do it and he would have to show me, but in the end, he ended up telling me to slow down, I was going too fast! What a work-out, ladies. If you live anywhere there is snow and you like being outside and working up a sweat, you have to try this. Even though you are working hard, you don't feel like you're working that hard. Of course, there were pictures taken:

Agh. Close-ups - scary.

It was absolutely gorgeous up in the North Country. They have received some of the best snow this year - the best they've had in 7 years the locals said. The trees were all weighted down with snow and everything was covered in a white blanket. If I'm saying it was beautiful, it must have been. Of course, pictures were taken:

We spent the night before New Year's Eve getting drunk with good friends at a resort in Hayward. Good times, bad hangover. This didn't make me much fun on the actual New Year's Eve, it takes a good 2-3 days for me to recover from tying one on anymore, this 'age' thing is for the birds.

Here is a picture of this little guy who was in the resort with his parents. How damn cute is he all bundled up and ready to head out on a snowmobile?? I think I took 25 pictures of him. His mom gave me her email so I could email them to her, however, remember when I said I got drunk? Yeah, well, I lost the email address. Ooops.

On the actual New Years Eve, I hung in there long enough to go to dinner with friends, stop in at a 50th birthday open house for a good friend of ours and then off to another friends house to play cards and ring in the New Year. My husband got lucky playing cards and came home $50richer in 2008, but that meant we didn't leave until 3 a.m., which meant another wasted day of laying around on New Years Day! I didn't mind, the kids and I played the Wii for about 3 hours. Sick of hearing about that thing yet?? God, it's fun.

So, today was the day to 'get back in the swing' of things. I spent the entire day decluttering my bedroom and loft area. I really should have done before and after pictures, you wouldn't have believed the shit I threw out. The garbage man hated me last week b/c of Christmas, now he will hate me again this week!

We took 4 rubbermaid tubs of clothes to the local thrift shop, which means I will have a LARGE credit to use up, which is great!

As some of you know, I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two, but we do the book sales for a large farming conference that's held in February. Usually I'm well on my way to having the ordering pretty wrapped up by now, but this year? Not so much. So, for the next 2 weeks, I will be knee-deep in book orders and trying to play catch-up. Do we ever really get caught-up? I sure don't.

That about sums up the start of our year. I'd love to hear how yours started, drop a comment and let us know!


*~*Cece*~* said...

Great pictures but snow is NOT for me! My sister wants to take my kids skiing I say GO FOR IT! lol

I got drunk on NYE & Mister put me to bed at 12:30! I spent the next day in my pj's watching Law & Order ALL DAY LONG. I love lounging around. Today was back to work for me.

Amy said...

Other than the din of Rock Band and 24 hours of World of Warcraft, mine was a quiet New Years. After reading of your experience, I'm going to give cross country skiing a try. I've wanted to for the longest time and maybe I'll stop bitching about the snow if I have something to do outside.

Mrs. G. said...

I love the pictures!! Happy New Year to a gorgeous family!

Erikka said...

Happy New Year!

Jason and I went to CT to visit friends, eat indian food, and drink lotsa wine. First time in ages I had a hang over the next day too. Luckily we just went home, played Super Mario Galaxy, read, played dominoes, and other such lovely slow activities.

Good luck with the book ordering and such. Did you ever explain to me how you got involved in that...?

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

We went to an early dinner, then watched 90210 on DVD until about 1am. :) And yes, I had a bit of a hangover on Tuesday morning. Oh well.

Cherry said...

I've been cross country skiing a few times but its been years. I enjoyed it and totally got a work out. Glad you had a good time!

NYE we were running around shopping for rock climbing gear (we joined a climbing gym on Sunday and we tend get a little obsessed when we get excited about something). That night I mainly caught up on blog reading. NYD was full of sleeping in, Food Network watching, tree taking downing and then closet purging. Filled the trash can and 8 bags of stuff for goodwill.

All in all a decent way to start the year! And better yet, its been a few days and I can still see the floor of my closet!