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Friday, December 28, 2007

Attempting to get back to normal and resisting the call of Guitar Hero from the basement

Seriously addicted is all I can say. Of course, no one can rock those great 80s songs like I can no matter how hard they try.

Today consisted of removing the ornaments from the sad, sad, dryer than dry Christmas tree of 2007. Literally, you walk by this thing and the breeze from your body passing by leaves the sound of thousands of needles falling to the floor. You think I'm kidding? Look at the floor in this picture........I'll be vacuuming needles until Christmas of 2008.

The domestic goddess in me also resurfaced today, hence the lovely pan of homemade chicken noodle soup. Delicious if I do say so myself. My husband came home and said, "did you cook?" in a very excited tone of voice, this was my first hint how long it had been. Needless to say, they all ate themselves sick which always makes a mom happy.

Continuing with the domestic theme, there were a few things that have been waiting to be hung on the walls around here. Antique shopping is something I love but don't get to do often, however on the last clogging trip to Indiana we shopped and today is the first day I've taken the time to actually hang them. The dresses on the rack are actually mine from looonnngggg ago and I have some old black & white baby photos that I'm going to hang under it. The Small Farmer's Journals have been stacking up around here and I couldn't part with them, but didn't know what to do with them either and then this awesome antique ladder made it's presence known and it became mine.

What I'm supposed to be doing is packing for our trip to Hayward tomorrow, however, a few more glasses of this

and the packing will have to wait until morning.

The most wonderful news yet? (sorry mrs. g for the repeat info) A while ago, I posted here about dreaming of a space of my own. A small cabin in the woods where I could go to get away from it all and have my own things that no one could take. Well, this great place called North House Folk School is having a class on how to build a small cabin. The class is called Build Thoreau's Cabin and it's a 5 day class from April 23-27th. Just to make sure I didn't back out and make all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn't go, I paid my tuition and already rented a room for the 5 days. There is NO backing out now. Seriously? I'm so giddy just thinking about it, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Finally, something I can do myself for myself. This place is amazing and if anyone is interested, they have ALL kinds of classes on very cool stuff. Of course, this would require you to go to Grand Marais, Minnesota, which is basicall the North Pole, but it just might be worth it. The website is www.northhouse.org.

Enough stalling, one more round of laundry to throw into the suitcase and one quick rendition of 'Talk Dirty to Me' (remember the Poison song??) on Guitar Hero and time for bed.

Have a great weekend kids and ring in the New Year in style. Be back on Monday.


Mrs. G. said...

This last part makes you my heroine. I haven't quit thinking about this adventure since you left your comment. And the soup looks good. My family and I were just discussing that we haven't eaten a green vegetable in days.

Madeline said...

A cabin of one's own! That is such a big dream of mine. I wish that MN were not the other side of the country for me. I will live vicariously through you on that one. Have a great grownup weekend.

Linda said...

I love the fact that you are going to do something just for you! Congratulations! I also love the fact that you can write a blog post (with pictures no less) while doing laundry, packing, and still have time for one more round of guitar hero! You are MY hero!

jenny cook said...

funny you mention grand marais - i don't live too far from there actually! hahaha! and yes, it is damn close to the north pole. too funny! that class sounds pretty sweet - hope you get to enjoy yourself in the great north! :)

*~*Cece*~* said...

Wow! Building a cabin that sounds great! Good luck!

Our tree was out at noon on xmas day! lol

Cherry said...

I can just see you rockin' out in your cabin now!

Hope you're having a great trip and a great start to 2008!

Anonymous said...

Wow, LOVE the ladder!!