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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Look what we woke up to? Fun, Fun!

I know, I know, you all wish you could live in this beautiful.......okay, no you don't. We knew the snow was coming yesterday, they were predicting 10-12, we probably only got 8, but all in all, still enough.

The animals were a little unsure as to what the hell was going on.....

.....except the dogs, they were having a ball.

The first thing I thought this morning was, "oh, shit. There is a lot of stuff I forgot to put away because I was in denial about winter actually coming, so guess what we did today? Yeah, 'last minute' is my thing, oh yeah, and so is denial.

But it does make the trees and scenery look pretty, huh?

On another note. As I said in the comment section of my last post, I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and advice about my daughter. I'm happy to say she is feeling much better today and actually laughed and went out with her friends. Time really does heal all wounds! Thanks, girls - you helped more than you know.

More news from the 'Tundra' tomorrow because I plan on keeping this 'posting every day' business rolling - even though I kinda sucked at it.

Have a good one.


Cherry said...

Ohh.. it's all so pretty! Even the basketball and ATV ;-)

I do admit that I enjoy visiting the snow and have never lived in it for more then a few days at a time. My SIL loves it when I visit in the winter because I think it's fun to shovel the drive and brush off the car.

Hope you're staying warm! And I'm glad the hurt is starting to lessen for your daughter.

m~ said...

Glad to hear your daughter is feeling less pain.
The snow is wonderful! We were in the 70's yesterday and woke up to 34 this moring. I doubt we'll get snow. Take lots of pictures I love to see the trees and bushes all covered in white.

jenny cook said...

oh snow! we got well over a foot i would say. i'm glad everything is white now. that is great to hear things are better with your daughter. she'll be all right. it's a good thing she has you for a mom! :)

*~*Cece*~* said...

Glad to hear she's feeling better.

I can't see the pictures though. Hmmm...I'll have to try back later.

I guess I got use to posting daily now its a habit! lol

Erikka said...

It was supposed to snow about 6 inches here in Boston last night. We got about 2 and today it RAINED. Everything turned to slush. How gross.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Now I can see the pictures, very pretty! Still too cold for my CA ass. hehehehe

Mrs. G. said...

Well, I guess I shouldn't read your posts backwards as I just commented on how to help your daughter feel better...and here she is feeling better. I'm so glad.

Boy, what a beautiful day where you are. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Erikka said...

how much research and reading did you do before getting sheep? do you shear them and use their wool or sell it? do you milk them?

hope some peace has spread to your daughter.