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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did you all survive?

We did, although it feels like I've run a marathon. The kids flipped out over the Wii and haven't quit playing since Tuesday. We took it to John's parents and it was definitely the hit of Christmas Day.

John's sister, Patty, bought Brenna, Guitar Hero for the Wii. I think all the relatives took turns for over 1 1/2 hours.

Seriously, Brenna woke up today and her right arm is sore. She thought she slept on it wrong, but it is a Wii injury!! Our friends, who also got a Wii, said they were all sore from playing for the last two days. Jesus, that will be the next thing, lawsuits over injuries from too much Wii.

Hey, at least they are up and moving. Brenna actually broke out in a sweat while boxing with her dad on that thing. Maybe I should give it a try instead of yoga.

Presents were over-flowing and everyone was very happy. My favorite gift? Season 5 of Seinfeld - possibly the best show ever on TV and my new leather messenger bag. Now if I can just get my new computer (the little 13" Dell laptop, the MD1330? Oh, how I want that computer), it will fit perfectly in my new bag. Good reason to get a bag, right?

John had to go back to work today, but Friday we are heading to Hayward for 3 days - just the two of us - we are going to cross country ski and visit friends that have a cabin up there. God, I am looking forward to that. Love my kids and all, but 3 days of sleeping in, getting up and cross country skiing, warming up by the fire with bloody marys with beer chasers (it's a wisconsin thing), eating good food, laughing with friends and drinking bloody marys with beer chasers. Did I mention that already? Sorry.

We got home Christmas Day evening, dead tired, hauling in loads of presents, unlock the door, walk into the mudroom............to dog puke and puppy poop. What a big red bow on the big butt of Christmas, huh? Since everyone in this house literally gags at the sight of any bodily fluids, guess who got the honors? A roll of paper towels and a 1/2 bottle of bleach later and it was off to bed for this chick.

Today brought much lounging and many hours of Wii playing. Wasn't this something I was worried about as I was standing in line for that stupid thing? I must say, the sound of laughter and screaming from the basement does ease worries.

In closing, I'll post a few pictures of our holiday and please tell me all the lovely details of yours, will you?

When John gets his hands on the camera? The pictures of me are not great, exhibit A above. Big ass in the air, straight out of bed, shirt on inside-out - awesome. Oh, wait, here's another great one!

Here, I'll get him back, how about this?

The story behind this one? Brenna took one of John's old trophies (he used to race 4wheelers in his younger days), she took a piece of paper, covered the plague with it and wrote 'World's Greatest Dad' on it. Then she wrote him a separate letter telling him how great he is. It brought him to tears, priceless. Oh okay, he doesn't look so bad after all in this picture, damn.


Cherry said...

Awww! What a great gift for her dad!

I'm glad the Wii was such a hit! I hope you took a try at Guitar Hero.. good fun that game is. But my wrist starts hurting after a little while. All of my friends who play it have complained about the same thing.

I meant to get to writing about our day, but I had to work today (SO SAD!) and it never got written. I did enjoy taking breaks to read about other's days though. Perhaps tonight I'll get it written, but that means that I finally get out of the office.

Hope you have a great weekend! Sounds lovely! I'll have a Bloody Mary this weekend and think of you (but I'll let you do that beer chaser bit!)

Mrs. G. said...

Looks like a wonderful day! And you look mah-va-lous.

I, too, love Seinfeld and it IS the best show in history. Now that my daughter is filling out college aps, we had to come up with an official name for our home school. Guess what we picked? The A. Vandalay Acadamy. We just couldn't resist.

Happy new year!

Erikka said...

Mrs. G - good name for a home school. she'll sound like she went to some ivy league exclusive school when she says the name to people.

Angie - the holiday had some really great moments (like snow shoeing up and around a quarry, playing games with my parents, eating breakfast out) but also some rough patches. There was a simultaneous christmas eve party and suprise 60th birthday party for my dad, so my mom was like FREAKING out and running around for most of the time I was home...needless to say we snapped at each other a bit.

Enjoy the wii! Wait until they ask for Dance Dance Revolution. If they don't, you should get it anyway; more fun and more of a work out than guitar hero.

jenny cook said...

okay, i've heard more talk about guitar hero than anything! i want a wii just to play that! glad everyone is getting enjoyment out of it - i am jealous. :)

i'm glad to hear you both get to get away this weekend! bloody mary's with beer chasers (i know what you're talking about girl - mmmgood). have you ever had a bloody beer? my sil introduced me to that - tomoto juice in your beer (with olives of course). anyways, have a wonderful weekend!

i'm looking forward to mine after the christmas rush! here we come 2008!

jenny cook said...

tomato, not tomoto. geesh. :)

Angie said...

awww, jenny - you say tomato, i say tomoto :) have a happy new year.