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Thursday, October 11, 2007


So we started juicing again this morning. When fall sets in and the garden is done for the most part, we get in the routine of juicing. We juice a combination of carrots, stored from the garden or bought in bulk from our local co-op, parsley, from the garden, apples, from my friends' orchard and ginger, no one I know grows ginger, so we buy this from the co-op too.

Through the summer we get plenty of our vitamins from fresh veggies, but in the winter, it is slim pickins, so the juice easily gives us what we need and all the stuff we canned over the summer helps too.

Some of you probably read that combination above and thought, 'disgusting', and yes, there was a time when I thought the same thing, but once you get in the habit of drinking it, we find that we actually start craving it when the weather starts to turn cold. It becomes a habit, I guess.

If you do any research at all on this subject, you will find there are numerous health benefits to this combination. Even the medical community recently did a study that said ginger helps cure/prevent certain stomach cancers. Of course, for them to admit that something could possibly be cured without a pill is amazing. For us, we just know how the juice makes us feel. The entire family notices a difference once the process starts.

Also, I have a dear friend who had a child with a rare stomach cancer. After the medical teams did all they could do, they sent her home with him and sent in hospice. This pissed her off, so she started researching like a mad woman. Her son had a stomach tube which he was being fed through at the time, so Leanne, after reading about juicing, started feeding him the above combination of juice along with supplements that she ground up and mixed into the juice, directly into her son's stomach tube - 3 times a day. Six months later, her son had not died and was actually looking & feeling better. Leanne took him back into the doctor for a scan to see if there had been any results from what she was doing and the doctors stood in amazement when they couldn't find any trace of her son's tumor. Of course, this is the short version of her long, long ordeal, but the end result is the same.

This is a true story and Drew is 16 years old now and a typical kid with no health problems. Leanne wrote a book about her experience called 'Your Child Doesn't Have to Die' and a companion book that lays out her exact routine that she did with Drew.

Fortunately, we don't have any tragic circumstances like that, but in my mind, why not do something that makes you feel better, gives you the vitamins that you need and also could be working as a preventative to any future problems, right?

I also like to think that if I juice, maybe it will counteract all the frickin' coffee I drink! Maybe the good stuff will overtake the bad? I'm hoping.


Madeline said...

Yes! My MIL cured herself of cancer with diet and homeopathy. I am all for that. How great that the mom was proactive. I am envious of your juicer and your local apples. I've had that combo. and it is so good. Love my coffee too.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Send me some of that so I won't feel so bad about smoking again! lol

I love reading your blog b/c I learn so much and see a whole different world!

P.S. I signed up for the NABLOPOMO! I must be crazy.

Angie said...

Yes, Madeline - once people start talking about homeopathy, it seems like so many people have taken that route and it WORKS! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Cece - what a sweet thing to say! And I didn't know you went back to smoking! Give yourself a break - you'll quit when the time is right - but yes, you should juice in the meantime:) Have a great night!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I found your blog via the nablopomo ring, and I went back to your earliest posts, and read the one about why you choose to homeschool your daughters. I wanted to say how common it seems that when one makes a decision, even if that decision is a mainstream one, it's odd how many people take that decision as a criticism of how they are living their lives. I would never assume the right to criticise someone else for the choices they make...we all have our reason, our motivations, etc.

Sorry, way off topic of your juice post. :)