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Friday, October 12, 2007

Newest additions

This post would be so much more interesting if I wasn't an idiot who left her USB cord for her camera in the hotel room in Madison!! Jesus.

Anyway, once I find it or have them send it or break down and buy a new one, I will post pictures of our new darlings, the sheep.

We have two females, one is 3 years old and the other is only about 10 months old. They are from totally different farms, but absolutely love each other already. Where one goes, the other one is right behind.

We are planning on breeding the 3 year old sometime in November so that we will have spring lambs - can you even imagine how cute?? I'm so excited. We named this one Gracie.

The other one's name is Casey and is the spring lamb that Brenna showed for 4H this summer. She will show her again next summer as a yearling ewe and then next fall we will breed her too!

These times are when the farm is so much fun. We'll see how we feel about that when it is -40 degrees with a howling North wind and we are out there doing chores.....but either way, they will still be adorable.

Hey, I just realized - Gracie & Casey - that rhymes - how cute!

I promise somehow I will get a camera cord and post pictures.........maybe I'll run to the store now........yeah, I'll get one of the girls to go with me.......I'll be right back.

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