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Friday, March 02, 2007

On a lighter note....

Wow. Doom and gloom around these parts lately, huh? Today, I made up my mind I was going to 'come out of it'. We are in the middle of a blizzard here - we got 12 inches of snow last night and another 6-8 is coming today.

Poor Brenna, her birthday was Sunday and she had stomach flu. Her 'kid' party was supposed to be tonight - roller skating - and we are having a blizzard - this kid can't catch a break!

Maybe I'll make her favorite dinner - fried chicken.

So, we are burrowing in and going to play some games. Hubby has the day off, so it looks like a day of food, fun, music and laughs for a change.

Hope your day is a happy one too.

1 comment:

Cece said...

I have no idea how you people do it. Brrrr! Its 80 degrees today & we're getting ready to BBQ! You need to come visit CA in the winter!

Hope your girl is feeling better!