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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Louisville, Kentucky

I'm so out of my element here! I'm at the SSAWG conference (it's a farmer thing) and there are a lot of cool people, but they are all looking at me like, "wtf? where are you from?" Northern Wisconsin seems like another continent to them. Anyway, it's cool and the farm tours were great.

In the meantime, John is in Tennessee with Maddie at the National Clogging Competition - things aren't going too well over there - she didn't place in either of her duets, got a call back for her freestyle - but then didn't place. Hopefully the team will do better today. She was pretty bummed.

My mom is at home with the other two, hanging out, shopping, eating and holding down the fort. Thank God for grandmas.

I'm here until tomorrow and will be back in the frozen tundra by tomorrow night!

Talk to you all then.


Cece said...

Welcome back!!! Hope everything is well & hope to hear from you (a bit more regularly) again.

Angie said...

Hey, Cece - thanks for checking back with me! Yes, things around here got a little dicey and the blog really got the short end of the stick!

By the way, where are you? I tried to check in with you and read up on what you've been up to and your blog won't load. Were you forced to upgrade too? I know there are people that are having trouble with the new blogger upgrade.

Thanks again for hanging with me through the absense.