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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Shopping Done? Check!

After our marathon shopping day yesterday (12 hours!), we are officially done. Besides searching the greater Minneapolis area for a frickin' Conair Hair Streaker (dear god.), it all went fairly smoothly and we even had time to have dinner and beer with my sister and brother-in-law at Lake Street Garage in Minneapolis - yum, yum.

My kids were easy this year (besides the hair streaker) and mostly wanted small inexpensive stuff - which I love! We are definitely under budget which in my mind, means I should be able to buy the Nikon D70s with the SB-600 external flash and 18-70 Nikon lens, that I have been dreaming of for at least 6 months now, right? Too bad I'm the only one stopping myself - I just can't justify spending that kind of $$ on the damn thing. Damn conscience. I just keep thinking about how many bills I could pay with that money and it gets me every time. Shit.

On the way home last night at 11:30 p.m., I was speeding a little (a bad habit of mine of which I've contributed to many a state's bottom line with my fines) and of course, passed a cop. I was talking to my brother on the phone at the time and when I said, "Oh fuck, I'm getting a ticket", he said very calmy, "alright, call me back after you get it." Does that show how used to this my family is?? Sad.

John was in the passenger seat and had just purchased a Rock Star Energy Drink at Target and it was in the drink holder. As the cop is shining his unbelievably bright light in my face and asking me if I knew how fast I was going...(why do they ask this? What am I going to say, "um....85??") and as John is digging through the glove compartment to find the insurance card, pushing aside 2 tampons and a maxi-pad in the process, the cop notices the can and says, "whose beer is that?" I say, "it's not a beer, it's an energy drink" and he says, "can I inspect the can please?" He proceeds to 'inspect' the can.....(bare with me for a minute, but this reminded me so much of the movie Dumb and Dumber when the cop drinks the beer bottle full of piss, I couldn't help but laugh, which probably contributed to the fact that he thought I'd been drinking....)after he finishes his 'inspection', he says, "wow, I'll have to try that stuff, never heard of it." Duh. So, after waiting an eternity for him to give me my early Christmas present, he returns to the car and hand me a VERBAL WARNING - holy shit - that doesn't happen often, does it? I guess it was an early Christmas present, to which my husband says, "I gotta get me a set of those boobs, they work like a charm."

That's a shopping trip we'll laugh about for awhile. Any good stories from the rest of you?

Now, off to do the Christmas card thing and start the wrapping extravaganza.

P.S. Do any of you have snoopers?? I do - I've had to threaten bodily harm!


Beth said...

Oh man, you are so lucky! But John is right...the boobs work! I have totally gotten out of many-a-ticket using the girls. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

As far as snoopers, if Matt snoops, it's only going to ruin his surprise. But I'd beat him if he did! :)

Cece said...

*knock on wood* I've NEVER been pulled over for anything like that! Nope. My husband says I drive too slow. LOL

I've just finished my shopping, too, and plan to finish the wrapping tonight.

Snoops? Not really. Which is surprising b/c I've got an 8 & 4 y.o. at home. The trick is I let them help me wrap stuff for other people so they see there aren't many good/intersting things so they get bored w/the whole idea. That and I do it ALLL at once so they don't notice and extra gift or two, you know?