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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 days......impressive

Whew - 10 days w/o blogging - new record, if you don't count the 4 months I take off while I'm killing myself growing vegetables.

Christmas, come and gone. Ours was very nice, no major dysfunction, no family fights, no drunken disruptions......successful, you could say, oh! except for the announcement that my 19 year old sister is pregnant with the child of a 'not-so-motivated-as-in-has-no-job-or-future guy. My family never fails to impress.

The kids were thrilled with what they got - they even thanked me at least 5 times each - so that makes you not feel so bad about all the fucking $$ we spent, right? Now, on to New Years.

To tell you the truth, bringing on 2007 in bed watching t.v. sound pretty damn good to me - but we are stupid and we opened our mouth and volunteered to have the festivities at our house for some friends. It's an easy group, which means they don't give a shit if my house is clean - the only kind of friends to have - so just some poker, food and drinks.

I hope you all had very happy Holidays and have recovered enough to repeat the debauchery for New Years!

What was your favorite gift? Mine was a new pair of Wyoming Wear slippers - LOVE them - so comfy and warm - which is necessary in the Northwoods.

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Cece said...

Woo-hoo I beat Beth to the first comment slot!

Your Christmas sounds like ours, too. No family drama, we must be getting old. The kids had a blast w/their new toys and clothes.

New Year's Eve will be at our house, too, but it's just immediate family (my parents & such) so not too stressful.

Lets see, my favorite gift might be my red satin pj's my mom bought me. I did get an ipod boom box that I havent' played with yet so we'll see...