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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scroll Down

I finally remembered about the 'tag' that Cece gave me, I posted it, but forgot to change the date - so you have to scroll down about 5 posts to get to it!!

I'm just weird enough that it will be worth it.

Have a good laugh.


Cece said...

Yay you got it done! *clapping my hands*

I'm with you on the reading one. It KILLS me to think if I put down a book, even if its crappy, that I'll end up laying in bed wondeing if I did the right thing by letting it go. LOL I'm a freak. I've only stopped reading two books, I believe. And that was hard to do.

I freak out about parking garages. Living in Los Angeles and seeing too many America's Most Wanted and/or thriller movies I just KNOW I'm going to be attacked! LOL

Beth said...

I love reading about people's weirdnesses!! And you know, I LOVE to swim but it kind of freaks me out to touch the weeds and shit too. When Matt and I went canoeing this summer, I didn't even want our BOAT to touch the weeds! LMAO!

Beth said...

P.S. I tagged you!