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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is there a doctor in the house?

We made through Christmas and now we have headed into contagious disease mode. Maddie started out with the stomach bug, even though she tried to ignore it so she would be able to go snowboarding, it caught up with her. Next was Alyson, only her disease of choice was strep throat. Wonderful. Just when I thought John and I made it out of the woods, here he comes home from work today with the stomach flu. Ugh.

Taking care of the kids is one thing, but my husband is the biggest pain in the ass when he is sick and my patience runs thin quickly. Before you think I'm a heartless bitch, you've never witnessed anything as pathetic as this man. As soon as Alyson and I saw him getting out of the car we knew we were in trouble - he had the 'look' of helplessness.

Needless to say, my evening has consisted of making homemade chicken/vegetable soup, bringing him ice water/drugs and listening to him piss and moan about how "I have no idea how bad he feels." Yeah, I've never been sick and in pain. Uh-huh.

Please let the New Year bring health back to the house - I can't take much more of this. Brenna was walking around tonight with a face mask on saying, "don't anyone breathe on me, I have plans with my friends this weekend!"

You can say that again, Brenna!


Cece said...

Oh my gawd! I can TOTALLY relate! When Mister gets sick I wish he'd go to his mom's house instead of home w/us!

One time I was coming home from work & he called me, weak voiced and says:

Mister: Babe, *cough/sniffle* can you stop and get me something for this cold. I feel bad.

Cece: *thinking wtf?* Did you just start feeling this when you got home?

Mister: No, I felt it since I got up this morning.

Cece: Why didn't you stop at the drug store on the way home then?

Mister: Beause I was too sick.

Cece: *getting pissed now* You're sick, you need medicine and you wait FOUR HOURS for me to get out of work and do it FOR YOU??

Mister: *cough couch* Pllllease.

Cece: *click* Thinking: Fuck that he knew he was sick and is just being a baby.

So when I get home I dropped a drug store bag in his lap I said: There is Nyquil, for tonight so you can sleep good. And there is Dayquil so your ass can get up in the morning and GO TO WORK!

LOL Men suck at being sick!

Angie said...

I can so relate, Cece. He says to me tonight, "how come you never get this sick?" I said, "I do, I just keep going and don't fucking lay around and whine".

Dear God - this has to end soon.

Have a good weekend! (& Happy New Year)


Cece said...

Isn't that funny? How we can just keep going, despite how bad we feel, yet they're out of commission for DAYS b/c of a cold! Men are whimps!

Happy New Year!