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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Getting back into the dreaded routine.....

Packing up the Christmas ornaments, taking down the tree that has basically dropped every needle onto the floor, lugging the boxes back up to storage, sweeping up needles, sweeping up more needles and "oh, look, more needles!" This is my world today.

We finally got some snow New Years Eve night, in the form of a storm with terrible winds, freezing snow/ice mix and dropping temperatures. It was just enough to make most people change their plans and stay home for New Years. Of course, not our die-hard alcoholic group - instead they just showed up with sleeping bags and spent the night! We had a great time, stayed up too late and were feeling pretty 'happy' by the time 2007 rolled around. John and I were both winners at Texas Hold'Em, so having an extra $25 a piece didn't hurt either.

The kids half-assedly (a word?) started school today. John made a deal with them that they had to do at least 2 subjects to 'ease' back into things. They both picked the 2 easiest subjects and were done by 11:00. Typical.

Lucky for us, the sun is shining brightly on the freshly fallen snow and it is beautiful. We are supposed to hit 37 degrees today and 41 tomorrow - amazing. John is on afternoons which is nice to have him here in the mornings, but for some reason, he thinks I like to have long deep conversations at midnight when he gets home. Hmm.

On a darker note, we are having some teenage issues with Alyson that are really burning me out. Motherhood is no walk in the park and I feel like I'm failing miserably at it right now. We have a family counseling appointment on Thursday and I'm hoping we can find some common ground and relieve the tension around here for a while.

Let's hope 2007 brings health, happiness and harmony.

How was your New Year's celebration?


Cece said...

Hi Angie, glad to hear your die-hard drinking group didn't fail you!

I could nevah get use to your weather. Nu-uh. *brrrr*

I hope everything will be alright with Alyson. *crossing my fingers*

Angie said...

Thanks a lot, Cece. Just when you think you have this 'mother' thing figured out, it kicks you right square in the ass. It's her 17th birthday today - hard to believe. It seems like most teens go through some stuff around this age - so hopefully it will pass.

Hey, thanks so much for reading and always being so supportive, it really means a lot to me. Aren't you amazed that complete stangers can understand each other and be so helpful? The blogging world is a pretty good place.


Beth said...

Hope things get better with Alyson. I know teenagers are a bitch...my teenage years weren't THAT along ago! (shut up Cece) I don't even have advice because I've never raised one. I always wanted to do whatever my p's told me not to do and I realize now, in my older age, that my parents were almost ALWAYS right. ;)

Happy New Year!!!