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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What was I thinking??

Well, no word from the neighbors. No news is good news? They hate our guts? Who knows, but at least there weren't any loose dogs today. My chickens scratched around happily without having the shit scared out of them.

As if I wasn't crazy enough to sign up for this NaBloPoMo thing-a-ma-bob - but I was also completely insane and signed up for the NaNoWriMo thing-a-ma-jig - so that is where my attention has to go tonight.

Par for the course, I've waited until the last minute and am scrambling to finish up my 50,000 words - so the bloggin will have to wait.

I've just made myself a latte (a double!) and am ready to be up all night.

Have a good one.


Beth said...

Good luck with that..nanoonanoo thingy...I have a couple of blog friends that are struggling and I'm really glad I didn't get into it because it sounds super hard!

Those neighbors should say something but as long as the dogs are under control, that's words enough huh? :)

Cece said...

Hopefully the neighbor situation has finally been taken care of!

Good luck with your writing!