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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today I gave our new neighbors a letter to complain about their dogs.

This letter was actually written on at least 4 different occasions and then I lost the nerve to send it. These neighbors bought the 20 acres across the road from us. They came over and introduced themselves when they were thinking of buying the land and seemed like great people so even though we like our quiet acreage - it didn't seem like they would bother us or us them.

Next they start constructing not only a house for themselves, but a house for their daughter, a house for their son, a horse barn, a horse arena and a huge pole shed. Fine, fine.....it is their property afterall - but more than we would have liked.

Then the dogs start showing up. At first I thought they were the dogs of the construction workers that were building the houses, but it didn't take long to realize they were here to stay.

All labs. SIX of them. They showed up slowly, but surely. The first problem was they let the dogs run loose. Fine, fine......we have our killer Beagle, Riley and he runs loose so what can I say? Then we had 2 dead chickens and dog prints around the chicken coop. We knew it wasn't Riley, the prints were too large.

Over to the neighbors I go and 'discuss' the problem. They were nice, felt badly, offered to pay for the chickens, but said, "well, they are bird dogs" and "if you just holler at them, they will run". Okay, bird dogs? Yes, they are bird dogs, but they can be bird dogs on YOUR property, not mine. "If I just 'holler' at them?" Is this my job to keep watch so I can 'holler' at YOUR dogs? No.

Trying to be as nice as possible but still wanting to get my point across, they said they would try to keep an eye on them.

Needless to say, their idea of keeping an eye on them and mine are very different things. Literally, 5 times a week, either the kids, husband or myself are chasing these dogs off of our property. They trample through my fields, we have had to replace plants as a result, they chase our kids when they are trying to ride their bikes, they run into our woods where our kids play and make them afraid to play there anymore and they STILL chase my chickens.

So, today after chasing them off for the 2nd time and then going to my mailbox to get my mail (at the end of the driveway) and having them see me, bark at me and chase me up my driveway - I had had enough.

My husband, the most non-confrontational man walking the planet, really didn't want me to do it - but for God's sake - how much do we have to take? We raise these chickens and collect their eggs for $$ - if these stupid dogs kill them, that will hurt us not only because we love them but in the pocketbook too!

So, I wrote a very controlled (in my opinion), respectful, but firm letter to them today leaving the ball in their court.

I hate controversy. Have you ever had problems with your neighbors?

p.s. By the way, I've been tagged by Cece - I'm just still working on it - so I'll post it tomorrow! Thanks, Cece.


Cece said...

First let me say I would have this mental picture of your property & it seems so LARGE & HEAVENLY! As opposed to little ol' me living in the city. *lol*

What an annoyance. I hope you get it resolved and QUICK! Is there anyone you can call about the dogs? What a pain.

Take you time with the tag! It took me almost a week to do mine! *lol* Let me know if you'd like help w/the linking & stuff. I can put my email address in your comments, when you get it you can delete it afterward.

Have a nice day, Angie!

Kelley said...

Ugh, what an uncomfortable (and infuriating!) situation. I hope they respond well to the letter and manage to get their dogs under control.

I've blogged about my neighbors a few times, too. We live in an apartment, and several nearby tenants are prone to late-night shouting matches, etc. Good times!

Cece said...

I think I've said it before, on someone else's blog, that WE are the neighbors that get complained against! LOL We often have gatherings at our house that go well into the night. That's all I'm saying. LOL

Beth said...

Oh girl, I love dogs but that is ridiculous! I'd love to read the letter!! That is just completely insane and they need to reign those puppies in. Unreal and uncool. I'm gonna read your latest post because I smell an update. :) Good luck!

P.S. I love that you raise chickens! I want to own a farm one day. :)