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Thursday, November 30, 2006

30 days at last

The last day of this crazy NaBloPoMo deal and I have to say I'm relieved. Not that you are going to get anything exciting here on this celebratory last day and I will be blaming that again on NaNoWriMo - I have 13,000 words to go and I'm not going to stop now!!

On a more depressing note, today was one of those days, fight with hubby, problems with a direct deposit, PMS, the weather sucks (freezing!), and we are still down to 2 cars in this family which is driving me freakin' nuts. Does my husband really think it's necessary to go to work, doesn't he know I need to go to Minneapolis to shop?! Priorities, you know.

I'll try to be more exciting and keep up the daily post routine, just let me get through these 13,000 words.

Have a good one.


Beth said...

I hear ya girl, I SO had a day yesterday. Are we cycling together? :) I told Matt about 10 times that I want to kill him. hee hee

Are you going to let us read what you wrote? :)

Cece said...

Hope you day gets better. {{hugs}} And good luck with the 1300 words! Have a nice, warm, weekend.