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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Too tired to think, let alone post anything worth reading...

Just got home from our Illinois adventure, 7 hour drive - yuck. I'll need at least 12 hours of good sleep to try and string more than 2 words together. This is the only thing I can muster right about now:

- so glad to be home
- so glad to be in my own bed
- love my family, but 5 days is too much
- I survived and now don't have to return for at least a year
- need to do nothing but drink carrot/parsley/apple/ginger juice for the next week to try and cleanse my body of all the food/drink
- there will be no schooling going on in this house tomorrow - we are extending Thanksgiving vacation by one day

Hope everyone has recovered from their Turkey Day Extravaganzas - here's to getting back to reality.


Beth said...

Oh wow, 5 days with family AND out of town...you deserve a prize!!! Welcome back...now I feel the treadmill calling me after all the food this weekend. :)

Cece said...

Welcome home! Yeah, 5 days would start to ruffle my feathers. Glad you made the trip safely.