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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Close, but not close enough

Can you believe I posted for 24 days straight and then missed one day to completely screw myself out of those great prizes??? What an idiot. There is no internet access at my grandma's house - so I've been relying on the kindness of family members to allow me to use their connection, however, yesterday the family wasn't so kind - so I missed a day. Damn.

We are nursing hangovers today. We went to a poker party last night with my brother and had a great time - too much of a great time and now I'm paying the price.

As a celebration to our last night here we are having a weinie roast at my mother's farm. The kids are pretty pumped, however I would prefer to be taking a nap before our torturous drive home tomorrow, but that won't be happening. Hope John knows he is driving all the way home as I will be sleeping!

Well, NaBloPoMo - you are MINE next year, baby. Posting everyday does put you in the habit though and hopefully we can continue it - but when you think about not having to come up with something to say everyday, doesn't it feel like a relief?

Hope the rest of you enjoy those wonderful prizes and I'm looking forward to continued reading with your new found posting habits, right? Right.

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Editor said...

liked your blog, especially the article on deer hunting. It is the same in Mississippi.
Good Luck,