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Monday, November 27, 2006

Consolation Prize?

I was just surfing through the list of blogs that are participating in this NaBloPoMo thingy and noticed the 'added paragraph' about missing a day and still being eligible for the Consolation Prize........hmmmmm..........now, there was nothing as dramatic as being evacuated from my home or being in the emergency room, but how about being the victim of an incredibly dysfunctional family who are the only option you have for an internet connection? Does that count?

Being trapped in Illinois (nothing against Illinois, Beth - I swear!) with the likes of "The Carter Family" (as in Aaron, Nick and the nutty sisters) and having the matriarch, with the only internet connection, of said family, not speaking to you? Does that count?

Grasping, I know - but did you see that prize list?? Even the consolation prize HAS to be good.

We'll wait and see, I guess. Until then, I will covet the little * next to the other blogs that missed too.

By the way, does anyone know how this is working? Is someone actually going through that hellacious list and checking to see who is consistently posting? Or is there some 'techie' way of doing it that I'm not aware of? If someone is actually going through that list? Whoever wins a prize should be donating it back to those guys - wow, what an undertaking, and of course, Mrs. Kennedy should receive a few kick-backs too.

Happy posting. I still haven't recovered enough from my trip to know how to put into words the happenings - it might take awhile. I know you're all waiting anxiously. haha


Beth said...

I know nothing about this NaBloPoMo because I'm still new but I think you should definitely get the consolation prize!! Come on people, she had to deal with people like The Carters!! Ahhhh!! Welcome home girl!!!

Cece said...

I made myself a promise to post daily, but didn't voice it out loud in case I messed up & skipped a day. Good thing I didn't make the committment b/c I would've felt like a big loser. LOL

Life happens, don't be hard on yourself.