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Friday, November 10, 2006

Ahhhhhhhh, silence

A whole new state of mind has been reached in this household today. My dear husband felt the urgency yesterday (can you imagine why?) and today he suggested a trip to grandma's house FOR.THE.NIGHT. God, I love this man. Actually, he is gone for the night too - he is working late and then up early tomorrow to work overtime and since his mother lives closer to work than we do....and his kids are already there.....I am home alone until 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

There are many blogs to be read, many books to get caught up on and much trash TV to watch - I just happen to have Season 2 of Nip/Tuck from Netflix - yeah! So, fellow bloggers, there is hope for me not eating my children alive. By tomorrow afternoon I will be happy to see their shining faces and will want to cover them with kisses. Now if I can just get my 16 year old (who is WAY too cool to go to grandma's) out the door with her 7 friends that currently have their heads in the fridge eating everything in sight. They are off to a play and then who knows what and it will be silent again.

Did you ever think you could appreciate complete silence??

Thank you to those who acknowledged my plight and commiserated with me in the comments section - I was half-expecting a few trolls to say I didn't deserve to have kids - but instead I got understanding and support - thank you.

Besides my near mental breakdown, a post from me wouldn't be complete without a bitchy weather report - we are currently getting snow - with heavy snow warnings for tonight and tomorrow - fun, fun. Hey.....maybe if it snows enough I will be stranded and the family won't be able to get home........ No, believe it or not, the silence might get to me after that long - but I'd be willing to try.

Have a great night everyone!

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