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Monday, October 30, 2006

We survived

Whew! Busy weekend - but we survived. We were a little tired and had a headache on Sunday morning after our friends' 40th Birthday Bash - but we had a great time.

The kids all survived their various activities and yesterday was spent on the couches in this house, 'vegging out'.

The upside of this Monday morning is that the sun is shining brightly and the weather is gorgeous! Yes, I had taken a little vacation from my 2nd job as WeatherGirl - but she's back! Today is the perfect day to get out side and plant all my garlic. I believe I have 300 garlic cloves just waiting to be pushed down into the soil to snuggle in for winter.

We finally got all the cleanup done in the fields and they are tilled and waiting for their manure blanket to be put on. That is the chore for this week - scooping the next batch of poop onto the fields and then we will be ready for our looooong winter.

The mayor of our little town called me this weekend and wanted to know if I would be interested in attending a meeting with the area school board and hospital to discuss possibilities of local farmers providing these facilities with fresh food. Wow. This is right up my alley and I'm very excited about the meeting. Of course, the obvious obstacle is WINTER, damned winter, but, we are putting up a couple of hightunnel hoophouses next weekend, so this opens up a few more possibilities. Either way, to be asked was nice and I'm anxious to hear how feasible this whole thing will be. I also managed to squeeze in some time to talk to the mayor about the farmer's market, which is pretty non-existent at the moment, but I hope to change that.

My kids watched that movie RV last night. My husband watched it with them. It is really discouraging when movies portray homeschooled kids at weird. Okay, okay, I understand that people think not going to school is weird, but that doesn't mean we are freaks! One positive note was they did make the kids look a lot smarter than their age - that is always the misconception too - that just because your kids do school at home they are 4 grades ahead of where they should be - usually not true. The kids laughed, but it has to hit a sore spot somewhere I would think. Baby steps, I know - it takes a long time for people to break out of the box and be accepted - patience, something I'm really not skilled at.

Have a great Monday!
This was a very random post - all over the place!

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