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Saturday, October 28, 2006


We had some friends come in from Illinois tonight, they are moving up by us in the Hayward area soon and had to come to town to sign loan papers.

Jill and I have great talks. We can sit together and never run out of things to say. Our husbands have usually long gone to bed and there we are still talking into the wee hours of the morning.

It's so nice to be able to relate to women, really relate to women because let's face it - there are a lot of women out there that are a pain in the ass. Knowing good ones makes the low times in life a little more tolerable.

Truly, I am more fortunate than I probably deserve, I seem to have a handful of women who we have that kind of relationship. Not having a few true friends you can tell anything too has to be hard.

It's always been my opinion that women should stick together more than they do. Drop the 'kattyness' (is that a word and/or did I spell it right?) and be more supportive of each other. Being a woman is a difficult thing, trying to deal with kids, husbands, jobs, housework, bills, friendships - all that stuff is complicated and if your house is anything like mine, you deal with the lion's share of all of it. Not that my husband isn't helpful, but you know, most of it is up to me.

That's why I've never had time for the shit women pull on each other. All the gossip, talking behind each other's back, jealousy........high school stuff......no time for that. Sure I've been upset at friends, but I always try to go straight to them with it, not to all our other friends. This isn't to say I haven't made mistakes, just tried to learn from them.

If women aren't going to try to understand each other, be there for each other and hold each other up, who the hell is?

Certainly this is one thing I'm trying to get through to my daughters. If you have a problem with someone - go straight to them and talk it out - always be honest - take responsibility for your own shit. If you own it, own up to it. It might not feel too good at the time, but you will be respected for it later. Of course, it's not easy - girls can be nasty - but if you handle yourself right, there won't be anything to come back on you later.

Now, if they take the advice is another thing - you can lead a horse to water......you know the rest.

So, here's to US women.

(I can just hear my husband now, "Oh, Jesus") He's just jealous!:)


Chana said...

from one female to another, whooo-hooo, way to go, bravo, fantastic :)

Well said for sure. Loved it..

I've often commented words like that. I'm not sure why women are so nasty to each other instead of uniting but i guess jealousy or fear gets in there..School was the worst of that..but now as i get older and maturity is trying desperately to squeeze in any crack, things are better and i'm lucky to have some great girl friends...Yes, they are in the blog world but they count just the same. the love and friendship and support is all real..

i'm glad that your friend is moving up around your area. i'm glad that you will have a buddy closer to you and can enjoy more time, more chats...I will be happy today knowing you are happy..

Dr. John made you the link of his blog today. He is a male but a wonderful one at that...

Catch said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I have quite a few women friends that I really relate to....we may not see each other for months but we pick up right where we left off. Now you will get to see more of this friend since she is moving to your area. Im here via Dr John. Have a good weekend. I really enjoyed your post! Gonna bookmark it.

Cindy said...

Well said and I know what you mean. The only women friends I have are ones who don't understand or participate in all the little "games". Unfortunately too many women tend to play them. I hate games, which is probably why I have more men friends than women friends. But, the women friends I do have are true gems. You can find several of them over at Dr. John's.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Absolutely right, Angie. I grew up a tomboy, went on to engineering school - always found it easier to deal with the guys. I could never stand all those little petty games girls play. Then the PTA years hit - all those catty, power-hungry women made me nuts. Hey, aren't we all on the SAME team, wanting what's best for the children? But I did find a few like-thinking women and we nurtured our friendships.

I am older now, children in college and I do have some wonderful women friends. They are always supportive and would do anything to help me out - as I would for them. It's a good place to be. Treasure your GFs!

Good advice you are giving your daughters. One thing I always taught my kids was to take responsibility for their own actions - something sadly lacking in the world today. Seeing them in college now, I think some of that sank in. Have faith in your girls, they really are paying attention to you.

Wow, didn't mean to go off on a tear! But I am glad that Dr. John let me know about your blog. I'm always learning something new and wonderful from him. He isn't catty at all, he likes to share good things.

ArtsyTartsyViray said...

Girlfriends are a diamonds in the rough.. it's really hard.. at least in my case.. to find a girl worth being good friends with..

I'm like a lot of the other commenters on this blog.. I spent a lot of time being "one of the guys" cuz I hated dealing with the drama of haning out with the girls..

But in college.. I found two great girls that share the same view of girlfriends as I do.. and through the years they have become my best friends..

Oh ya.. Dr. John sent me..

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Girlfriends, true ones that is, are such a blessing. Thanks for such an insightful post. I totally agree.
Just visiting from Dr. John's. I'm so glad he made you his link for today. I enjoyed your site tremendously.

Blessed be...

alphawoman said...

I just finished a book and I thought, "this chick had not one single girl friend!"... yes, we should try and nurture our relaionships with our gal pals.

Margaret said...

That is so wonderful. I miss my close friends since I moved here to Savannah almost 7 years ago. I so understand how hard it is to find someone so perfect as a friend. Wonderful post.

-Marige (sent via Dr. John.)

Christine said...

What a wonderful post. I like that saying Save the Drama for your Mama! Honestly, life is more fun without all the gossip! I hear you. My SIL is the closest to me now that I'm a SAHM, but even in work situations women can be catty.You're very lucky to have such a special caring and supportive friend.
We share the same blog Title, BTW!
If you have any questions with HTML, for your template I can see what I can do to help?
Hope you have a great weekend, Oh, Dr. John sent me!

Heimdallr said...

What a great post Angie I agree wholeheartedly; a good female friend is priceless. Enjoyed reading you.

Came from Dr. John.

Kat Campbell said...

Beautifully said! I've always had a few close girlfriends that never let me down. Life is just better with them in it.

Betty said...

I have been blessed with great girl friends through my life. I don't like mean people and I avoid them. Almost forgot to say I came from Dr john