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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deep Clean

Today was one of those days when you look around your house and say, "where did all this shit come from?" There is literally piles of crap everywhere you look. Stacks of paper, clothes, shoes, dishes,.....just crap.

So, once you start picking that apart, there is not stopping yourself. I started today at around 2:00 and just finished now. Everything is spick & span and all in its place. I even gave the dog a bath and washed his bed. It really feels good, although my body feels like I've been run over by a Mack truck.

Violent Femmes are playing on my iPod right now, isn't that funny? Such a blast from the past - 80s style.

Alyson came home today saying she wants to be a vegan. Dear God. Let's hope this passes. Dinners will be interesting. Hopefully she realizes I won't be fixing 2 different dinners - she's on her own. We had a little 'discussion' this evening. She got this new job, which is great, but she is spending money left and right. She did open a bank account, but the girl is a shopper! You can't find your way through her room as it is, the last thing she needs is more clothes. Anyway, she got a friendly reminder about the $$ she owes us for her text message overage and also her insurance payment. "Oh, yeah - I forgot. I'll have it by the 1st".

I'm tired. Raising these kids is hard work that never ends! Do any of you mothers out there ever get to turn your brains off? Mine feels like mush today, between all the cleaning and organizing and trying to keep track of these three girls - mush, I'm telling you.

Hell, I haven't even made it to my busy weekend yet! I'll be dead by Sunday, literally.


Jonathan said...

I live with a vegetarian, and we quite often have everything except the meat the same as each other... it never causes any major hassles, and has ended up with me eating far more vegetables.

Vegan is a bit extreme though - that means no dairy either....

Cece said...

This reminds me that I REALLY need to clean the heck out of my house. Ugh...