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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still recovering.......remember, I'm old!

(click on it and I think you can see a bigger/up close version)

Yes, readers, this is who you think it is. Jack Johnson, himself. Because the stars were perfectly lined up and it was the day after the Summer Solstice, I got lucky. Well, not lucky, but lucky....anyway, what I'm trying to say is, "Hey look! I got this great picture of Jack Johnson at the concert Sunday night!"

As my friend Julie and her sister Jana and I were walking in through the gates, we heard someone who sounded strangely like Jack Johnson singing in this small tent next to the beer line. Since that is where we were headed anyway, we thought we better check it out. All of a sudden, we find ourselves next to Jack Johnson, doing a little impromptu 'unplugged' session. Unfortunately, we got there just as he was singing his last song, but fortunately, we were right next to the fence where his fancy golf get-away cart was waiting for him to jump in. Hence, the picture.

Cool, huh?

The concert was beyond great, the weekend was a lot of fun, we drank too much beer and ate too much food, but made a lot of great memories and now we are recovering and trying to get back into this pesky routine of working, kids, animals and paying the bills. Don't you hate it when real life ruins all your fun?!

The weeds have overtaken us in just two days since we've been gone, so please excuse my absence for a bit while I battle large amounts of quack grass and thistle and prepare for this weeks market.

But before you go, tell me how your weekend was, will you?


Kat said...

OMG its Jack! That is so cool. Impromptu concert - SO cool!
My weekend - It was 106 degrees in the valley (like, totally hot, fer sher dude). We swam a lot and went to air conditioned movie theaters and drank cold soda & ice cream.

Erikka said...

i'm glad to see "old people" still get out and have a good time. that's the kind of "old person" I want to be :)

my beau and I are still training for the MS Ride, which is THIS week-end. That's right, we're riding 150 miles on bikes. So last week, we did more training rides and rode in our first thunder storm. since it was warm out, it was really nice to be drenched. then my soggy feet started feeling...soggy and it wasn't quite as fun, but oh well.

good luck catching up on the farm!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Not too sure who he is (b/c I'm a Mexican woman in LA & never heard of him) but he's a cutie!