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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Opening Day at the Farmers Market

With the late spring we had this season, I'm surprised anyone showed up at the market today. It's been cold, wet and just a weird spring, in general.

Since we have the hoophouse, we are able to start our things relatively early and have some good crops. This always works in our favor in the spring and results in some pretty good sales.

For some unknown cosmic reason, our weather has been, dare I say, perfect, for the last several days and the forecast is saying more of the same through the weekend. Mind boggling.

Now that the stress of the first market day is behind us, we will be heading off for an adult weekend of camping, drinking, tubing and an outdoor Jack Johnson concert. We are like a couple of kids the night before Christmas. There will be 4 of our closest married-couple friends going with us and it should be a good time.

On another note, I was just looking through my photos and realized there are quite a few that I haven't posted yet. So much to say/do, so little time. So, one I just HAVE to share is this one:

Our newest addition to Dr. Doolittle's farm.....Larry and Lenny. Yes, they are here only to be fattened up and then, well, you know. Believe me, with the life they are leading? They already think they died and went to heaven, so they will never know the difference.

**I'm still working on the 'second chance' question - like Mrs. G said, I'm not sure I can even let my mind wander down that road......but still thinking.


laurie said...

yum. the farmers markets here in st. paul can only sell local produce, but the minneapolis markets have no such restrictions. it's always odd to walk over to the thursday noon farmers market in may and see bananas and tomatoes for sale.

hey, your blog design---the big green square that is your music playlist covers up half your post and some of the comments. don't suppose you could make it smaller?

*~*Cece*~* said...

I want to go to a farmers market! The piggies are so darn cute. Sort of. lol Have fun at the concert!

Madeline said...

Oh, have a blast. Jack Johnson and tubing and adults! Fantastic. I couldn't answer the question either.

Sarah said...

Oh tomorrow I go to our local farmer's market!! I'm so excited. This will be my first time (yes, I'm ashamed to admit it...but seriously early Saturdays and I don't get along...but this year I'm trying to do better :) ).

Larry and LEnny are adorable!!

laurie said...

design fixed! now i can see the piggies quite clearly. thanks!

Ang said...

Awww, love the piggies!!

Hubby raised pigs when he was growing up and even though he knew their fate, he still treated them like pets, but he knew those pets had a purpose. Even so he walked, played with them, etc, and said it was a lot easier to catch them if they busted a fence and to load 350-lb pigs on the hauler when they'd listen and follow like dogs, lol.

Jack Johnson was here in NE Ohio earlier this week! cool! Have a great time over the weekend!!

Kat said...

Yummm, I want radishes. Sounds like a great weekend.