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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spring is finally here.....


Nothing like new baby chicks to symbolize spring, right? Our new batch arrived this morning, all soft, warm and peeping like crazy. I didn't have to do much, the girls have seen it done enough they know exactly what to do and like doing it. They jumped right in and started dipping the beaks in the water and counting how many we had.

Keeping the theme of 'doing less' this year, we cut our usual chick numbers in half and are only doing 50 this spring with the possibility of doing 50 more in the fall. I can't believe how easy 50 seems!

The girls are hanging out in the chicken coop all day loving on the babies. In a few days, they will just be stinky chickens and not as much fun to play with. All, literally, ALL they do is poop, so it doesn't take long to get stinky.

We have a pond behind our house and every year at least one pair of Canadian Geese make a nest and end up with a few babies. It never fails that some critter gets a few of their eggs, but they usually manage to fight off the animals enough to get at least 2 babies. This process starts early in the spring and usually involves some serious territory disputes. One couple will take control of the pond, make their nest and be paddling around happy and lo and behold, here comes another pair in for a landing. They saw this great pond from the sky and thought, "hey, there we go!" Only when they land, they are immediately attacked by the pair that is already established.

You can see the 'already established' couple standing their ground against the female of the other couple......and there is the male of the invading couple just paddling around, making a lot of noise, but not really helping out much....just leaving his mate to do the dirty work!

Every once in awhile he would give a supporting 'honk' in his mate's direction. As John and I watched, he looked at me and said, "He's a lover, not a fighter, just like me."


jenny said...

omg. those chicks are TOO cute! :)

Kat said...

Very cute. We watched chicks hatching at the science center last week...through glass...
I envy your lifestyle. I'm sure its not easy, but...sometimes... we could trade, maybe. =)

Madeline said...

:)What a great moment. Thanks for sharing.

Madeline said...

I'm back! I have tagged you. See my blog.

Cherry said...

Why do you have to dip their beaks in the water? To show it to them?

You do realize how jealous I get when I read about the stuff going on at your home. If you think about what Kat wrote in the comments on your last post... I think she might be onto something! Wouldn't have to be some big formal thing, but I'm sure some people would eat that kind of stuff up, me included. (as long as you could handle other people maybe not doing things exactly as you would).

Hope you are feeling more back into it.

m~ said...

50 huh? I want more, but the 10 girls we have are keeping us and our neighbors in eggs. I can't eat them once we've named them. Do y'all eat them?
Love the geese. We had some we raise last year, talk about poop UGH! Theirs is worse than and chicken I know.