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Thursday, March 13, 2008


No time for a real post, but I just wanted to ask.....you guys are my friends, right? We share stories both personal and humiliating, which in turn, means we 'got each others back', right?

Well, if that's all true? Why the hell didn't someone point out to me that I misspelled the word SURPRISE?? Not only did I spell it wrong once, but TWICE! Not sure what I was smoking on either of those posts, but spelling things wrong is my pet-peeve. "No excuse" is what I say to my kids over that stuff.

Just so we are all clear? I'm never offended by someone pointing this out to me, so in the future? Point away.

Oh, wait, just don't point out all my improper grammar and overuse of commas and quotes, if I stop doing that, I might never write anything again.


Cherry said...

I realized recently that I over use commas and ellipses. I mean, I hear a pause in my head so that means I should add a comma right?

I re-publish a post so many times because even though I have read over it a few times before I hit that button, inevitably when I read it post-publishing, I'll find more typos.

I'm a terrible speller myself and thank the smart computer people for spell check. And really, I read so many typos all over the place that they don't really phase me. But if I notice, I'll let you know

Mrs. G. said...

I honestly didn't notice. I only notice these things when I'm grading papers or reading my own blog. I will go back and correct errors no matter how old the posts are.

Erikka said...

I, as an assistant editor and informal lover of the written word, swear an oath that if I notice a blatant mistake, I WILL point it out. However...sometimes my radar acts funky. :)

We always got yo' back, girrrrl.

Kat said...

LOL, I honestly didn't notice - but I don't read you with my proofreading "hat" on, looking for mistakes either... ]];' //


Wow, look, my kid came over and said hi to you. =)

Minnesota Matron said...

It's okay. I am the word's worst speller and forgive myself. You should too . . . the content is what matters and yours is FINE.

Blogging Molly said...

Surprise is one of those many words that make me second guess myself. The thing that drives me crazy is the it's/its thing - even though I know the "rule" I still mess that one up!