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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that today is our family's most cherished holiday. Let's just say our last name is extremely Irish and my husband's great grandparents came over directly from Ireland and started many wonderful traditions.

In the town where my in-laws live, they have a parade that the whole town turns out to watch, no matter what the weather, and believe me, we have been out there in some shit weather. This year brings a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temperatures that will be very comfortable, which is important as our family has a float in the parade. My in-laws were the Grand Marshalls last year, which was a very proud moment for us all.

We start at my in-laws home and eat way too much traditional food, which serves two purposes - one, we love to eat, especially when cornbeef is involved and two, it gives us a good base for the rest of the days activities. Let's just say the regular Irish stereotypes are not lost on this family.

With the holiday landing on a Sunday this year, it is really going to cramp the style of quite a few Irishmen. The word of the day at work on Monday will be - hangover - get the picture? Although, most people celebrated yesterday with the awesome parade in St. Paul.

We have two rubbermaid tubs full of various pieces of green clothing that we have collected over the years. It's always fun to pull all the clothes out and find the tiny outfits the kids have worn over the years and the memories that go along with each piece.

My husband and kids and yes, even the dogs, all just smothered themselves in green layers, hats, necklaces, earrings, even socks and shoes. Beagles in little green 'kiss me I'm Irish' t-shirts on shamrock leashes are pretty damn cute and a parade favorite. The one thing they are missing this year? Me, in my traditional 'Show Me Your Shamrocks' t-shirt, that my Catholic MIL just loves. I'll have to sit out this year as it is finally my turn to catch the 'creeping crud' that has been circling around for weeks.

There's no shortage of green for me, only mine is in the form of snot and stuff that I'm coughing up out of my lungs. Sorry if I just made you throw up in your mouth a little - but you should see the color of this goop. Sorry again.

I'll miss the fun, although not the headache tomorrow. If they know what's good for them, they will return home with plates full of food or I might just have to use their toothbrushes and give them what they deserve!

They were instructed to take many photos and my youngest says she will videotape the parade so I won't miss it, awwww how sweet.

Hope you have a fun St. Patty's Day where you are and drink a green beer for me!

(my favorite picture from a few years ago :)


Erikka said...

Alas, my beau and I were both layed up as well, and missed out on all the St. Patty's festivities. We might try to grab a beer at our favorite Irish pub tonight, conveniently located at the end of our street no less.

I am not sick, but it took me from last Tuesday until yesterday to NOT GET what Jason had...ugh. I hope you're feeling better soon, Angie.

Ps. I heard a little scotch or whiskey is the #1 cure for a cold. :)

Madeline said...

Oh man! That is just not right. I love the picture of your girls. So Irish looking, yes! Beautiful.

Cherry said...

Ugh sick?
and on your family's holiday too! Wrong!

I hope you are able to eat tasty food even though the snot runnith over! We have a touch of Corned Beef left ourselves....MMmm!

Kat said...

What a great pic, my gawd, how gorgeous are your children?! That was fun, thanks. We aren't Irish, don't know anybody Irish, and never really do anything for St. Pats. (technically I'm half Scottish, but...its not quite the same, is it? =) So it was fun to read about your traditions.
Reminds me that however mundane things seem to us bloggers, somebody else finds it really interesting because its different to them!