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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What is that bright, yellow thing in the sky??

Dear God, the sun is shining.

Literally, we have not seen that thing for over a week. I cannot believe the difference in my mood, INSTANTLY.

We are heading off to my MIL's for a little 'Family Game Night'. Of course, this is the 2nd game night in two months and the thought has crossed my mind that I would rather not participate. But my MIL has this thing where if we don't all get together, all 40 of us, at least once a month? She ends up in the hospital. I'm not kidding. If her kids and their family dare to ignore her repeated requests for dinner, game nights, birthday parties for every 3rd cousin this side of the Mississippi, she comes down with these unexplained illnesses and ends up in the hospital where we are forced to come together anyway. So, it's just easier to go play a few games and keep her happy because I hate hospitals.

Does anyone watch Everybody Loves Raymond? Picture his mother, times 10, and you get the idea. My husband is Raymond, the favored one, so we are really on the hook for these monthly shin-digs.

There are certain benefits to being married to an Irish Catholic man and his huge family, but there are also definite draw-backs, especially for a girl who was raised with basically NO extended family that NEVER got together. Quite an adjustment - an adjustment I'm still making after 15 years.

So, think of me, Internet friends, playing round after round of Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Canasta and Taboo until my head spins. All in the name of keeping my MIL out of the hospital. That's true love, folks.

What are you doing this weekend?


Minnesota Matron said...

Too funny, especially about the hospital. Honey, sit down: my Polish Catholic husband has 75 first cousins. Yup. I didn't know half the people at our wedding and I'm still trying to get these folks straight. Thank goodness my MIL is not all that chummy and game nights are not required ( I cannot tolerate games unless they are Scrabble).

Good luck .. .

Mrs. G. said...

You're a good DIL! Is alcohol served?

Angie said...

Minnesota Matron - Ditto. My wedding was a blur, hell, my husband didn't even know half the people there! We deserve medals or at least a large inheritance?!

Mrs. G - did you notice the 'Catholic' part? Alcohol is a REQUIREMENT, thank God. They even bury their dead with a party!

Thanks for the comments, ladies.

Angie said...

I guess that should have read "Irish, Catholic", right?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is funny I read this today. My husband said last night, "Oh send my dad a link to your blog, I told him about it." "What?!" There is no way I'm giving up the possibility of a little blog-venting about the in-laws. Hopefully he'll forgetabout it.

Sounds like you're doing the best thing. Game night has got to be more fun than Hospital night.