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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game Night Survival

Yes, I lived through game night and came out on the other side.

After attempting to draw the words 'foul line' and 'insane', I started drinking heavily. We moved on to Taboo, which I kicked ass at. Finally, the years and years of vocabulary words during my Court Reporting training have paid off. I knew eventually there would be a justification for the student loans I'm STILL paying off.

Lucky for me, there are many family members who are poppin' out babies right and left and forcing those babies to snuggle with me was the highlight of my night. John's cousin, Nancy and her partner Melanie have the most beautiful little girl on the face of the earth. Seriously, pale white, sky blue eyes and the most gorgeous orange head of ringlet curls you have ever seen and smart as a whip. I could eat her little ivory cheeks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When not snacking on small children, I was stuffing my face with all the food that was available. Besides the drinking this family does, it can only be surpassed by the eating. Loads and loads of food, all fattening and loaded with things that are bad for you and oh, so delicious.

The evening was capped off by John's older sister announcing that her adorable little boy, who is 4, had to be put on Adderall in order for him to 'cope' with his preschool. Hmmmm. I'm sure you people that read this website regularly have some idea what my feelings are about this subject and when you add my personal feelings of how my SIL's life has to fit into her 'perfect' plan and mix this with the few beers I had while playing games, and you get where this is heading. However, you will be happy to know that my brain engaged before my mouth, for once, and I simply walked away from the conversation quickly and decided it was time to head for home.

Of course, this didn't stop me from venting the entire 40 minute ride home, but my family is used to me and loves me anyway, thank God.

Whew. There shouldn't be another family game night for at least a month or two. That should be plenty of time to get off my soapbox. Maybe.


Linda said...

Oh so funny! I love hearing about other people who must bite their ever loving tongue off when dealing with family! Sisters, sisters in law - hell, even brothers in law... gotta love em!

Erikka said...

a 4 year old on medication~?!??@!~~ yikes.

i just started having to bite my tongue with my oldest brother and his wife regarding my nephew. he's 4 and they do not read any literature about organic anything and...the worst...THEY ARE REPUBLICANS!!! You know what that means...

I'm glad you survived.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Drunk Pictionary ROCKS! lol

Minnesota Matron said...

Love that brain connect thing. Once at John's family's gathering, I went into the bathroom, clung to the tub and wept rather than engage with the political discussion in the room. It was vile but I was pitted against thirty people who hold polar opposite views, loud voices and thin egos. And I'm with you on the medication thing. . . it sure does keep the wee ones quiet and out of sight. Deft parenting for some, I guess.