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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'Tis the Season

Well, the angel I described yesterday almost blew my 'afterglow' I was feeling toward him. You know it never lasts long, right? He asked me to help put up his deer stand with him. Oh, god, a project - there goes the nice feelings. I've already mentioned his tendency toward anal-retentiveness, so you get the picture.

After taking down and putting up the fucking stand at least 4 times, I said, "this is the last time or I am going inside". A few more fiddlings and fine-tunings to make sure his ass isn't going to fall out of the tree, although I did remind him of what he is worth, should something terrible happen like a 12 foot fall......all kidding and laughing-like. NOT. He always says he's worth more dead than alive!! Terrible.

Anyway, me and the kids are out there helping, well the kids didn't do shit to be honest - they laid around on the ground playing with the dogs and giggling at their parents trying to kill themselves in the tree. See? I have pictures to prove it.

Finally, we got it up and all the appropriate straps in place and he's all set. Deer opener is Saturday morning. I've mentioned before that we live in an area that takes its deer hunting seriously. Businesses close for the week, if you need a plumber or electrician or car repair? Good luck. Not until hunting is over. For the next 2 weeks all you will see are cars with deer strapped to the roof or in the back of the pick-up on their way to the meat locker or taxidermy guy. Some people are against hunting, I know, but in this area? They are so over-populated, if we didn't have the hunt, things would be real bad. As it is, the number of insurance claims due to car/deer accidents are astronomical.

He wants to know if I'm going to go out there and sit with him on opening morning.......ummmm, no. With all the yahoos in this area shooting guns? No. We have to keep our dogs in for the entire 2 weeks and take them out to pee on a leash -cause if they run deer or if they foil a shot for a hunter - it's curtains for them -it's that serious. Definitely a man thing.

The kids and I sat out in the stand tonight (he had to work afternoons today) to see if we saw any deer and we saw a 6 point buck and 3 different doe, so it looks like he picked a good spot.

Now for the next 2 weeks our wardrobe will consist of nothing but blaze orange - even to go outside and feed the animals! The joys of living in Northern Wisconsin during deer season. Here are a few pics from our day of 'helping' him with his stand.

And one of the boys - just b/c they are so damn cute.


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

That blaze orange is some sexy stuff, I tell ya.

You expressed interest in the Photo Meme, Weekly Winners? We'll be kicking it off as a joinable Meme this Sunday...

Here's more info:
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Can't wait to see your first edition! :-)

You can include some fashion shots of hunting garb? lmao

Erikka said...

My father is/was a hunter all through my childhood. I have vivid memories of either his deer in the back of his truck, tongue lolling out of its mouth, or the deer hanging in the back yard, a deep gash down the center where he emptied out its insides. (whoa, sorry for the graphic visual) I had a hard time eating venison, ok, I NEVER ate the meat. Now that I'm all growned up, I see the value in what my dad was doing hunting and cleaning his own meat. My dad knew he was killing with his own hands...knew how the meat was cleaned by his own hands...and then served to his family and friends. I'd say meat like that is as close to the organic, grass fed ideal we're all paying $20 a lb for.

None of this means you have to like hunting or be out there on opening day Angie. :)

Erikka said...

ps. Are you part of a seed swap program at all?

*~*Cece*~* said...

You country folk are nucking futs! lol

Anonymous said...

Yep, my hubby's a hunter, too. Why is it that I have to drag him outta bed for work every day, but he's up and dressed at 4.30am on the days he's going hunting?? I think it's called obsessed.