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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scheduled Outage?

Hope everyone on the East Coast knows about the outage or there are going to be a lot of pissed off NaBloPoMoFo's out there!!

Let's see. Today brought some more cold weather which is my punishment for not getting all my outside work done. This is my pattern. Put off the outside necessary field work while the weather is warm and fall-like and wait until the wind is howling, flurries are blowing and the temp doesn't get above 30 degrees.....all just to make my life a little more exciting.

We pulled up the rest of the ground cover, added more manure and tilled in the soil in the hoophouse and bedded the animals in with a fresh batch of straw - all nice and toasty. It actually felt pretty good to get outside and work up a sweat even though it was cold as shit. We work so long and hard in the summer, usually 12-14+ hour days in the heat, rain, whatever - that when the season ends you relish sitting on your butt for awhile. But boy, am I out of shape already! If my cramps decide to ease up a little bit - I may have to head to the gym tomorrow - my body was in a sad state today, that's for sure.

What else? Well, we have 2 sick kids - sinus infections - always fun to hear about, right? Seems like every fall when the weather starts to change, the sinus infections start. Lucky for me, I've avoided it so far - but I am making the kidlets kiss me on the cheek and NOT the mouth - so mean.

Also, feeling guilty about not making the rounds to all of your great blogs and giving you comments - so that is on my plan for tomorrow - reading, reading, reading and catching up with supporting your month of coming up with something witty to talk about - something I obviously haven't mastered......so write a lot of good juicy stuff tomorrow, will you?

Okay, off to beddy-by. Tomorrow I might even come up with something interesting, you never know. Have a good one people!


Madeline said...

Farming in the snow. Aargh! You're making me feel just fine about not having enough leaf changing due to being so southern.

At least you'll really appreciate the spring and you get to see snow? I know, I'm reaching here. Hang in there.

Cherry said...

I have been so bad at getting around to reading blogs too! Just so busy, I'm lucky to get in my daily post.

For years my hubby got sinus infections every winter and the fact that he too works outside doesn't help. He has since started using a 2x daily nasal spray and when that doesn't kick it, we're big fans of the sinus rinse! Kids hate it, but if you get them past the grossness it's a really good trick. Plus for you, it could help keep it away!

MLL said...

Snow??!!! Ugh, ugh, ugh. We've gone 2 years without seeing much of the white stuff at all, and I'd be more than happy to go a 3rd. Hope your kiddo's feel better soon!


tbirdonawire said...

We haven't had snow yet, but it's been so windy making it feel much colder than it really is.

Hubby hasn't started the wood stove yet but we've got the chimney cleaned out and are ready.

It's funny because the cows seem to know hubby's vehicle. When he drives up the road they all start bawling waiting for him to get his butt on the tractor to give them their hay. They don't bawl for just anyone! LOL


*~*Cece*~* said...

I just can't get over all the hard work you do 'round there! And in the COLD too! Yikes!

I LOVE that picture of your house! Too cool.