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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It always takes at least 24 hours to recover from the clogging trips, that is 24 hours of sleep. We got done at 8:00 Saturday night and even though we had a hotel that night, we decided to get in the car and head home. As the kids slept in the back, I drove until 4:00 a.m. when my friend Kris took over and got us the rest of the way. We were home by 7:30 and even though the night sucked - there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! The pictures above are of my Maddie (on the left) and her friend and the other one is them in action during one of their dances. She loves this thing, clogging, and even though the trips are not always fun for me (isn't it always about me??) she can't imagine NOT doing it - so we press on!

Now, this week brings more field clean-up and manure spreading, (isn't farming glamorous?) and planting lettuce, chard and kale in the hoophouse, preparing for Halloween and Alyson taking the ACT on Saturday. Dear God, please let her do well, then college applications and the dreaded financial aid, which is a total waste of time since we won't get shit.....life is good.

I'd love to hear what is going on in your world - help me get my mind off mine, will you?? Thanks.

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