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Friday, October 26, 2007

and Halloween begins

Halloween is a big thing at our house. We used to live in town, before my crazy idea to have an organic farm, and every year we would have a haunted garage. The kids loved it, they loved helping set it up and be part of the props, it was the highlight of Halloween week. Maybe that explains why we have 5 tubs of Halloween stuff.....serious problem we have. There used to be a line of kids waiting to walk through the garage. One year we counted how many kids walked through and it was over 300. Shit, come think of it, why didn't we charge?? Hindsight.

Now that we are living out in the sticks, we don't have trick-or-treaters or haunted garages, although I have entertained the idea of having a haunted walk through our pine forest but the liability issues always stop me short, and the kids go into town with their friends and walk the old neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Considering the old neighborhood is like any typical suburban neighborhood, houses for miles right on top of each other, it doesn't take long for the kids to fill pillow cases full of candy. Yes, I said pillow cases. Their reason for being ready to go home? Their bags are too heavy to carry. Jesus.

Because I am neurotic about Halloween and love everything about it, I never let my kids be anything that isn't scary. No clowns, unless they have bloody fangs and claws; no fairies, unless they are all dirty, greasy hair and white face like a corpse; no cute little animals: bunnies, unless they are rabid; teddy bears, unless they are grizzlies; no kitty cats, unless they are also rabid with long claws and sharp teeth......you get the point and deepness of neuroses, right? It has become a family joke that the kids can be whatever they want for Halloween as long as it is scary and gross. Can you just imagine the years of therapy they will be paying for because of their insane, controlling, Halloween-freak of a mother??

See? Devil and Zombie Cheerleader, in my opinion, the only kind of Cheerleader to be.

It's a tradition that we set up the TV in the kitchen while we carve pumpkins and watch horror movies (love that TMC has 10 days of 24-hour horror movies!!) and bake pumpkin seeds. Then after they are done trick-or-treating, we all dump the candy in the middle of the floor, while watching horror movies, and sort it out in piles of like/dislike/want to trade/don't even think about touching.

The pumpkin pictures above are from last year.....I stole the idea of the pumpkin 'puking', but loved it so much, had to copy it.

Let's see, this year we have a pirate, dirty, torn-up, bloody, killer pirate, of course and a devil, complete with yellow fangs, bloody claws and flame emblazoned leotard. Wow, even just typing this makes me realize how over-the-edge I am!

If I find the energy between all my gore-inducing Halloween costume making, I will have to post a Flickr set of the Halloween costumes over the years......the level of insanity can only be conveyed through pictures, no?

Just to add to the level of fun, my friend and I are having an adult party this year, although it has to be the weekend after Halloween so the 'kid' stuff doesn't interfere with our adult fun!

And the kicker?? John and I are going to go as Lucy & Desi! Not scary! You should have heard the kids. They are bound and determined to find a way to make I Love Lucy disgusting and gory.......we'll see how creative they can be.

What are you and your kids doing for Halloween? And - a question - is there an age when you think kids are too old to trick-or-treat? I'd love to hear some opinions.


Mrs. G. said...

You people really know how to celebrate Halloween...the picture of the pumpkin barfing is my favorite Halloween picture of the year! Your traditions sound wonderful. My teen is dressing up as a Chinese restaurant waitress and my tween is Hans Solo.

Don't tell me homeschoolers aren't clever! We are all about "over the edge"

Madeline said...

I loooove Halloween as well. I think that as long as you put effort into a costume that you can go trick or treating into the teens; I did!

Hope you really do get to take that break, even just a day.

Angie said...

Mrs. g. - Chinese Restaurant Waitress! I love this. Of course, she would have to be a corpse to make me happy, but that could be arranged!

Madelaine - I agree with you but am finding myself in the minority. If you dress up and just love Halloween, I see no reason why you can't trick-or-treat. Thanks for the push to take a break - I'm trying to arrange it soon.

Thanks to you both for the comment - have a great weekend.

*~*Cece*~* said...

If you ever want to lighten some of the stuff in your Halloween bins I'll take it! hehehe

My little one walked up when I had this open & she LOVES your pumpkins!

Great costumes!

MLL said...

Hi! I signed up for Nablopomo too and realized we have blogs with the same name....and here I thought I was so creative! At first I thought I'd messed up and hit enter twice when I saw the name listed twice on Blogroll. I enjoyed reading your blog. I've actually been to Brown County, IN....I used to live in Ft. Wayne (years I wouldn't want to repeat, but Southern IN is beautiful).
Well, good luck with Nablopomo! November is already shaping up as a hectic month for us, so I'm just hoping I can keep up. My blog is at www.arewethereyet2.wordpress.com
Let me know if you want the password for protected posts----there's nothing earthshattering or usually even of much interest, just things I wouldn't want to be public knowledge yet, or talking about people & wouldn't want them to come across my blog and recognize themselves!

jenny said...

love your pumpkins! my little guy is a giraffe this year. my mom got him the costume and it was free. i wish i was more into halloween this year, but i have got a lot of new ideas for next year!

i think i was in junior high when i stopped trick or treating. that was a sad thing. i love candy! :)

Christy said...

I personally find Lucy terrifying! Seriously.

Linda said...

"Cheerleaders scare me"

Not sure where that quote comes from but totally loving your zombie cheerleader! Absolutely!

Christy said...

We copied your puking pumpkin this year and it was a big hit!

Erikka said...

I trick or treated until I was a senior in high school..I was a YOUNG looking senior, what can I say?

Your philosophy on Halloween is truly what it is all about. You're not neurotic, your awesome! Your kids must have such fun.