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Friday, September 21, 2007

Back, but not really......

Back from out of town & dealing with grandmotherly things......but having a hard time 'bouncing' back. Depressing, getting old. We are still trying to make arrangements for her which is difficult when you live 6+ hours away, but we are plugging along.

Does anyone else have trouble bouncing back after being on a trip w/o kids?? Jesus, you don't realize how f'ing busy and insane your life is until you get to step out of it for a short time. You come home and WHAMO, it all hits you in the face. Overwhelming.

Meetings with guidance counselors and advisors to figure out when, where and how this senior in high school of mine is going to college. Does she even want to go to college? I'm getting the distinct feeling from her that she is jumping through all these hoops but is very unsure as to whether she wants to do this. As much as I reassure her that whatever she wants to do is fine with me, even if that means travelling in Europe for a year, which she has mentioned. Oh, the pressure, I remember how it was feeling like if you didn't do A, B or C - you were weird or going to be a loser for the rest of your life - what bullshit. I'll continue to be supportive and hope for the best.

How is everything in your life, internet? I would like to hear about your 'stuff' instead of thinking about mine anymore, my head hurts.

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*~*Cece*~* said...

I know how you feel. We just got back, last night, from Idaho & I had to get the kids back into the swing of things and off to school today. I'm here for just over an hour when the school calls me that I've got a sick child in the office. Busy busy busy.