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Friday, April 06, 2007

Angie needs......

Okay, stole this from Mallory In The Middle (I would link to her site, but I’m a computer idiot).

According to Google, the following is what I need…….(Go to Google and type in, "(your name) needs...." and you will get a hilarious list of what you need according to the Internet)

Angie needs…an agent to become an actress (no, thank you. I’m happy right here in Cheeseland)

Angie needs…a night of blinding sex to get out of the coma that Bob left her in (wow, I never knew what an exciting life I had - blinding sex sounds good!)

Angie needs some self-esteem and self-love so she can make her romantic decisions (huh??)

Angie needs food, badly. Ohhhh, how I love it when life sucks. (I’d agree - food soothes, especially chocolate)

Angie needs help ASAP! (I agree, help with cleaning toilets, laundry, dishes, driving my kids all over hell…..all sorts of things)

Angie needs serious, intensive therapy. She’s so f*cked up! (Am I being watched?! Is this The Truman Show?)

and finally…..

Angie needs to correct her eye problem (Anyone want to contribute to my Lasik procedure? That would help!)

This is great - you should give it a try……leave your site in my comments so we can laugh at you too!

Thanks, Mallory!


Cece said...

I must be perfect b/c Google says I don't need anything!

Ok, I sort of lied. Google doesn't even recognize the correct spelling of my name. Whatever Google. Bite me!

Ok, let me ed-ju-ma-kate you on linking in your blog, ok? Its really simple!

Open a new post as you normally do.

When you want to add a link to your post, you need to click on the 3rd icon from the left at the top of your writing space. There's a B (for bold) and I (italiac) then there's an icon that looks like a chain link, you click that.

Once you click it a box will open w/a highlited http:///, hit delete to get rid of that real quick, then you right click w/your mouse & click paste & that will add the page link.

Click OK then on your page you will see something similar to this:

That is the address you just linked to your blog. What you need to do is now type between the >< that is where you put the words you want to apear on your blog. Like a name or whatever.

That's it. It'll show up on your blog w/whatever you typed between the >< and your readers can click on it & it'll take you to what is linked there!

Do you know how to obtain a the web address you might want to link?

If not, just open the page you want to link, highlight the address bar at the top, the "copy" it. That's it. Once you've copied it you can add it to your blog how I described above.

It sounds complicated b/c I did a step by step, but its not.

Practice a few times & you'll get it! I've got faith in you, woman! lol

Angie said...

Ohhhh! Thank you, Cece!! You are so sweet. After reading your instructions, I think I can handle it. We'll see.

C'mon, post what Google said about your name, no matter how badly they misspelled it!

I'm headin' over to your blog to check out what you've been up to.

Thanks again!