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Friday, March 09, 2007

Stolen idea.....

Okay. I have stolen this idea from another blog and since I haven't morphed into a computer genius, I still don't know how to link to another blog and give proper credit.....sue me.

The question is, what is #27-#32 on your Netflix Queue? Not sure if anyone who reads this (does anyone read this besides Cece? thanks, girl.) even belongs to Netflix, but we will see.

My answer is:

27. Mask: Director's Cut
28. Cape Fear (my husband's favorite)
29. Parenthood
30. Tootsie (wow - how 80s)
31. The Graduate (my favorite)
32. The Groomsmen (no idea - just looked good)

How about you?


Cece said...

I'm here for you! lol

Cute idea! Mind if I snag it from you? Like today?? I'm busy at work & have got nothing to write about b/c I'm sure NO ONE wants to know just how tight my jeans feel today. lol

Angie said...

No problem! It's the least I could do for my only reader.....tight jeans?? I can soooo relate - period time = tight jeans. yuck.

Have a great night.