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Friday, March 30, 2007

Planning, planning & more planning

Here I sit at my dining room table, like I've done so many times before (wow, that sounds like a song lyric, doesn't it?) trying to figure out what things this farm will grow this season. Well, that's not completely true - we ordered our seeds in January - so we know WHAT we will be growing, but getting it all mapped out on paper as far as how much we will grow and where the hell it's going.

We are starting a Farmer's Market this year, so that will add to what we need to grow and we also upped our CSA memberships to 20, so that will change how much we grow and we have also been contacted by several restaurants interested in buying produce, so there's more things to grow. It starts to get overwhelming. It's like being caught in a catch 22 - we want people to hear about us and like what we have, but at the same time, we are only 2 people (& 1 part-time employee) and there are only so many hours in the day and the big question is, "just how big do we want to get?" It seems like the opportunities are here and now is the time to decide where we want this to go - but it is intimidating.

My greenhouse is full of plants like every other year, but now I'm questioning whether we have enough to cover all our bases.

Boring to some of you, I know, but when you have people depending on you for their food, it's a big responsibility.

The busier we get, the more my husband threatens to quit his job and work the farm full-time - but that is waaaay too much responsibility for me - I can't be responsible for keeping this entire boat afloat! Not that I wouldn't love to work with him all day - we do well together - but the security of that paycheck every two weeks is nice, not to mention the benefits and retirement - you won't have those by farming full-time - so he needs to stay put a little longer.

Until then, we will keep 'digging in the dirt' and see where this organic farming takes us.......if the increase in awareness and demand is any indication - we could be in for a long, fun ride.

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Cece said...

Wow, look at you go!

I use to work w/my man before he was my husband & I would never do it again. Nope. The only mercy he had on me was I was pregnant so he'd cut me some slack. lol

So what are you planting this year?