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Sunday, December 10, 2006

No Time

45 frickin' degrees in Northern Wisconsin on December 10?? There is a God. Because of this freak in the weather department, there is no time for blogging as there is much work to be done in the outside world today. You know all the shit you wanted to get done before it got cold? None of it got done - so it is now or never because you know we are going to pay after this leaves - we will be lucky to see anything above zero until March.

Kids are at grandma's for Christmas Cookie Baking Weekend, I am slightly hung over, but the sun is shining and I have my husband to myself all day - watch out world.

Have a good one!


Beth said...

God I wish I were at home to do stuff outside too!!! Like Christmas lights!!!! Have a good day!!!!

Cece said...

Ok, so 45 is good weather for you? When I read that I nearly shuddered. Then I kept reading & I was like Hey, maybe that's good news for them! LOL