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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Thank You Note

....but first a little background......

My 16 year old daughter works at a coffee shop in a town 10 miles away from our home, because she repeatedly chooses not to listen to her parents, she let her gas tank get too low, depended on her mileage 'thingamabob'that tells her how far she has to empty, which turned out to be wrong and ran her car out of gas on a stretch of road where she has no cell service and it was dark outside. Someone shoot me now, I won't survive raising these girls. Lucky for me, there are good citizens out there.

Dear Woman Who Stopped to Help my Daughter:

I can't thank you enough for your cautious kindness that you showed to my daughter on Monday night. The fact that you not only stopped to help her, but knew that she surely had a mother that told her NEVER to get into someone's car and therefore you reassured her by telling her that you understood she probably didn't want to accept a ride and that you would either call someone for her or she could use your cell phone.

You have no idea how much this means to me. There is nothing that strikes fear into a mother's heart than knowing your child is stranded alongside the road at night without cell service and could easily be prey to any number of perverts, murderers and kidnappers out there.

My daughter told me how sweet you were and how you even offered to stay with her after she used your phone to make sure she wasn't alone.

Of course, my daughter being my daughter, she called her friend at work to come and get her instead of her parents, I'll try not to hold this against her for the rest of her life, and in the end, even though she said she thanked your profusely, she neglected to get your name so I could thank you properly myself.

You can bet that because of what you did for my daughter, I will return the favor someday to someone else's child knowing how much it warmed my heart that no matter what the nightly news says, there are people out there who mean your kids no harm and are helping you keep them safe.

With all my heart, thank you.


Beth said...

Thank God for the good Samaritains out there huh? I'm glad your daughter ran into one out there! How cool would it be if the lady that helped her read this? :)

Cece said...

I'm so glad someone kind and NORMAL stopped for her. I believe in pay it forward, too.