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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day Two

Whooo, I almost forgot about this posting everyday stuff - that wouldn't be good to screw it up on the 2nd day!

"Kick, Push, Coast........just running like a rebel with no place to go...." Anyone else like that song? Lupe Fiasco - Alyson has it blaring downstairs right now and I love it.

Anyway, we had an interesting conversation over dinner tonight. There was a flyer stuck to our door when we got home telling us to vote against same sex marriage. Well, this is a topic that hits close to home for us. One of our closest relatives, my uncle, who is only 5 years older than me and is truly more like my brother than my uncle - is openly gay. My children have known this and lived with this their whole lives, so to them, they can not understand what the big deal is. However, we are constantly suprised as how many people we know and consider 'friends' do not share our views. We don't view this any different than the fact that my husband's sister is married to and has a child with a black man. No difference to us. Different types of people, all in our family, all people we deeply love. Also, our cousin Nancy and her partner just went through the artificial insemination process and now have the most beautiful little redhead named Ivy. These are people that are in our family and we love them, which makes this whole debate seem ridiculous to us.
My kids seem really confused by it, actually, my youngest daughter, Brenna seems confused, the other two are just pissed off. My 16 year old has definite opinions and as with most 16 year olds everything is very black and white - the people who oppose this are just stupid, in her mind.

She had a good point tonight. What is it hurting? Why are people so threatened by this? Is it going to change their hetero marriage? If two people love each other, what is the problem? Of course, I agree and it really warms my heart to see that my kids truly don't understand what all the debate is about.

Okay, sorry to get so deep into such a hot topic and then just leave, but my friend who is moving to St. Paul is at her house waiting for me to come have a bottle of wine with her - so I'm off! Debate away, Internet and if you have any hateful things to say to me about the above sentiment, do us both a favor and don't comment.
Have a good night.


Dr.John said...

If I lived in Wisconsin, already, I would vote no on the proposition. Having said taht let me also say that I understand those who proposed it. Yhey are not stupid or even mean. they are scared, for the most part, because traditional values are breaking down everywhere. they want to draw a line in the sand and say "No More". They can't draw the line, of course, becaus ethings keep changing. But they are driven to try. We need to become more tolerant toward them and they need to become more tolerant towards the rest of us. Intolerance by liberals or conservatives is always a mistake.

blackdaisies said...

same sex marriage is legal in canada but the advocates against are up in full arms and there is talk about putting it all to another vote ...sigh

i guess i don't understand either but i never did ~ if two people love each other, why can't they be together, why can't they commit their love? it seems simple and yet when i was in grade 11 in an english class, i stood up for gay marriage and found myself alone in a room of accusing hatred, one boy flew across the room and tried to strangle me for my views. i grew up in a very small northern town full of narrow views apparently.

it always surprises me when people i know to be intelligent thinking and even liberal appear to have such an emotional response to this issue but yes i do understand that they are afraid of losing their traditional values but i really don't understand how they see the breakdown of the family happening when all it really means is broading the view of what family is.

sorry for the ramble : )