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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad luck comes in 3's, right?

Jesus - life is really kicking our ass right now. Warning, rant to follow, be kind.

Last Friday, John was on his way to work at 4:45 a.m. (yes, I said A.M., Dear God....)and as is customary around these parts at this time of year, he completely obliterated a deer - a large buck to be exact. In return, the buck totally obliterated our van, our old run-down, 217,000 mile + van that John drives back on forth on his 1 hour commute one way every day to work. It was still pitch black out and he wasn't sure how bad the damage was but when he saw the hood peeled all the way back to the windshield, knew he couldn't continue on his way, so he flagged someone down, luckily not a murderer, and got a ride to town to catch a ride with his rideshare group. About 7 a.m., he calls me and tells me what happened just in case I went into town and saw the car alongside the road and freaked, 'thanks' for that, but couldn't you have waited until around 8 a.m.?? That afternoon when I went in to town to pick him up from his ride, he says, "stop by the van, I'm going to try and drive it home." I proceeded to explain to him how there was no f*cking way that van was going to be able to be driven and why don't we just have it towed? He ignored me like he usually does and when we got to the van, he jumped out, started that sucker and drove it all the way home. He's really good at not saying, 'I told you so'. Seriously, this van will not die. The motor is better than the other two cars we have put together - we thought maybe this would be the end of the van - but hell no - we are going to get it fixed and let that sucker run until it dies. A lot cheaper than forking out the $$ for a new one!

In the meantime, we are down to two cars which is a royal pain in the ass. My daughter has our old Jeep Grand Cherokee, also with 180,000 miles on it - we keep our cars forever - can you tell? There is a wee problem with the alarm in her car and it is maddening. You absolutely can not lock the doors, if you do, you won't be able to get back into the car without the alarm going off. She drives this everyday and knows all the ins and outs, but it has been some time since I have driven this car. Because I had to go vote (against the amendment to stop same sex marriage, thank you)I took my daughter to work, came home, showered and Brenna and I headed down to our local community center to vote. Sure enough, we come out of the community center, try to open the door, locked. Brenna goes to her side to see if it will open, alarm starts blaring and lights start flashing. Fucking great. I forgot to add that it is cloudy, cold and raining here and guess who gets to walk home? Only about a QUARTER OF A MILE to our house. So, I just leave the god forsaken Jeep there blaring its little engine out and I just start walking. Upon getting home, soaking wet and really pissed, I call my husband at work and let him have it, not that it's his fault - but what are husbands for? He tells me to find the extra key and proceeds to explain how to get the alarm reset. I won't go into details here due to the fact that it involves such ridiculous maneuvers that I can't even type it - let's just say there was serious standing on my head and spinning around in a cirle counterclockwise shit involved - holy shit. So, my soggy ass heads back out into the rain, it's also dark now, to walk another QUARTER OF A MILE back into town to attempt to outsmart the alarm. As luck would have it, as I was walking into the parking lot, our local mechanic was walking out from voting, so I nabbed him and explained the situation and he said he would just unhook the battery if I couldn't get it fixed with my raindance and he would give me a ride home. Miracle of miracles, the raindance worked, the car started and I didn't have to walk back home.

Not as if you haven't had enough yet, but I said it comes in 3's, right? So after I return from getting the demon Jeep, the phone is ringing and it is Alyson, she is at work. She is really pissed off and talking 100 mph - so I tell her to slow down and tell me what she is talking about. She proceeds to tell me that she just realized that someone at school stole her coin purse out of her locker today and took all her money. Now, at this point, I am taking deep breaths to stay calm, because I have told her ass about 100 times NOT to take $$ to school and leave it in her locker because she doesn't have a lock - well actually, she does have a lock, but she chooses not to use it! Wow, brainpower. As you can imagine, I am not having much sympathy for the girl, not to mention I am soaking wet and not really having a great day. So, to start off my morning tomorrow, we get to go to the school, review the cameras (there is one right above her locker, not a very smart thief)and see who the little bastard (or bitch, I won't discrimate) is who took her $$. If something happens that she can't find out who took it or can't get it back, because we all know it's long been spent, then I guess this will be an expensive lesson, huh?

Okay, Powers That Be.....I've had my 3 - now leave me the hell alone, I have PMS, the weather sucks and I've had enough exercise for a month, I'm tired!

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Cece said...

OMG! What a hellish day! I hope she gets her money back. *hugs*